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Mercedes-benz clk gtr

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Mercedes-benz clk gtr relates to the amazing brand Mercedes-benz.
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In 1997 company «Mercedes-Benz» has made a decision to participate in competitions of a class «FIA GT», but for this purpose it was necessary to construct a party of cars which would be adapted for movement on usual roads. «Mercedes-benz clk-gtr» represents a racing car which is made of serial models of cars. The racing version of the car has been let out by the limited circulation in 25 copies with objective of creation of a worthy competition to other racing cars. mercedes-benz clk-gtr The car «Mercedes-benz clk-gtr» differs innovative modification of a body which has brought significant success of the company. Thus earlier the design of the ex-terrier was rough and primitive. But the unique ex-terrier of the car from the aesthetic point of view was possible to create companies «Mercedes-Benz». Designers and designers have developed a new back wing, a powerful forward bumper with special details which should reduce resistance of the car to a counter stream of air. From the moment of creation of new design of the car has passed more than 7 years, but also now many motorists consider, that the design «Mercedes-benz clk-gtr» is unique development of the company which and now should be used at design of racing cars. mercedes-benz clk-gtr In an interior of salon of the car also have brought significant corrective amendments. The conditioner, electric lifts of glass, a stereo system have been established. The car differs high parameters of sound insulation. For a security 2 pillows of a security have been established. Also system «ABS» and system «ASR» have been established. The internal salon has very small sizes, thus, designers did not manage to place a usual seat for the driver. Also seat belts have been established. Many technologies which have been used at creation of innovative salon, are applied and presently. On the car is established 12 cylinder power unit, volume of 6,9 liters and capacity of 612 horsepower’s. The maximal speed of the car makes 330 kilometers at an o'clock. The car «Mercedes-benz clk-gtr» is dispersed up to 100 kilometers at an o'clock for 4 seconds. On the engine 6 step mechanical box of switching of transfers is established.

mercedes-benz clk gtr mercedes-benz clk gtr mercedes-benz clk gtr mercedes-benz clk gtr
mercedes-benz clk gtr mercedes-benz clk gtr mercedes-benz clk gtr mercedes-benz clk gtr
mercedes-benz clk gtr

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