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Jaguar f-type

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Jaguar f-type relates to the amazing brand Jaguar.
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The Jaguar F-Type is a 2-seater roadster of Jaguar Cars will be sold in 2013. It is the successor of one the most popular sport cars of the last century - Jaguar E-Type. The luxuriant, dashing, almost Italian, forms of the sport car are attractive for the future customers. Equipped with both variants of engine (V6 or V8), it sounds like roaring wild beast, which you will need to tame. The look of the car will create a desire for testing it. Every line of F-Type is well thought-out and you will not confound this model with any other one. The hull back has the pull-put rear air spoiler which is lifted at the speed of 100 km / h and more. Jaguar F-Type The body of Jaguar F-type if fully metal; so the car is 261 kg. The main part of the construction is fasten with bolts and glue, and more than 50% of it is made of salvage. The preservation of nature, you see. It will be offered 3 versions of the model: basic F-Type, S and V8 S models. All of them have the mechanical fuel-tank pressurization. The basic model is equipped with 3 L 340 hp V6. It accelerates to 100 km / h for 5.1 sec and the maximum speed is 260 km / h. S-version is more powerful and can accelerate from 80 to 120 km / h for 3.1 sec. The top engine - V8 has the capacity of 495 hp. It can provide the acceleration to 100 km / h for 4.2 sec. The maximum reached speed is 300 km / h. The 8-speed Quickshift transmission is more efficient than massive dual-shift. By the way, it changes the gear very smoothly. Jaguar F-Type The salon of Jaguar F-Type is cool. The trimming is a traditional mix of leather and aluminum. F-Type S and V8 S trimming is more vivid and the main buttons and levers. On both sides of TFT-monitor are located the analogue devices. The creators claim that Jaguar F-Type means the innovative, attractive and fast car. It is not a stylization, it is the truly Jag. If Jaguar F-Type is as good as we think - its worldwide popularity will be extremely covered. The sport car fans are looking forward to the chance to test it on the road.

jaguar f-type jaguar f-type jaguar f-type jaguar f-type
jaguar f-type jaguar f-type jaguar f-type jaguar f-type
jaguar f-type

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