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Mitsubishi lancer relates to the amazing brand Mitsubishi.
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Hello forum members! I want to tell you that I have changed my car - my emotions no bounds (sold with tears in her eyes), but the tears still remain, so do not judge me harshly! Previously, I wrote a review about the car on this forum, so I will be brief. Bought a new car in the showroom. Engine capacity of 1.6, and the power of 98 hp, the car is black, has a standard. As for the extra features, I installed CD player, auto, molding, and also made a tinted glass, according to the state standard.

After 6 years of use and mileage of 120 000 km will say this. In connection with the work, had to travel a lot, there were trips to other cities, but most went to town. I tell you honestly that I was pleased with the machine. She did not let me down once. Start car ever, in any frost (we are frosts and minus 38 degrees Celsius in the Urals), but I note that in extreme cold I mocked machine - set to warm up every four hours, but went every day regardless of the weather.

I'll tell you all the details. I really liked the suspension, it is not hard (though maybe I'm used to), and not soft, the car's remarkable. The car is very reliable. For the time of use, I changed only rods (the price was 600 per set) and stabilizer bushings (500 rubles plus payment for their work.) That's it, No more work in the harness I did not make. I note that the new owner of the car after the diagnosis has estimated it perfectly well, but in the spring it will be necessary to change the front desk as the right a little sweat, while fully working. I was told that the weak point Lancer 9 is warping the brake discs, but God spared me. Maybe I'm lucky, maybe it is because I went very carefully, although I changed the front pads as drove 60,000 km., Then 120,000 km., Rear pads changed when drove 90,000 km., Although their condition was still acceptable, could still go 10000-12000 miles. Nobody believes me that I have passed on some many stocks. Friends joke on me and say that I drive like a pensioner and brake with their feet, not shoes. I just go very carefully. The roads have relatively good lately, so keep in suspension in operation easy.

Mitsibishi Lancer I would say that any more then I did not break. Although recently the engine started to spend a lot of oil, about 2-3 liters of replacement before the change (changing every 15,000 km.). But after reading the forums of various information and tips masters turned out to be a common thing for them after 100,000 km. And the flow rate is relatively small, as in most cars the norm is the oil consumption of 1 liter per 1,000 km. Therefore, I decided not to worry about it, although it worries me.

Now let's talk about impressions. The car I really liked, very beautiful, especially in the toning, the cabin is not gritted even after 120,000 miles., Everything worked, the state interior is very good. But I want to say that I belonged to her gently. Although I have a small child, also had a dog. The trunk is excellent, roomy, but the gap is too small, as pram included with great difficulty, although the opening of new cars less.

The interior is comfortable enough, although my height is 180 cm, sat easily, although looking to compare. My wife claims that she was uncomfortable, and the child (leg) in the back (in a child seat), it was crowded.

Paintwork in 6 years has established itself well. Brushed twice a year, plus all the scratches Tint pencil.

Of course, I told you a very messy as it was my first car, I've driven six years, and I loved her very much. Shopping Tips: Lancer 9 if it accurately used, very decent car for the money. Reliable and unpretentious car that I have never been let down.

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mitsubishi lancer mitsubishi lancer mitsubishi lancer mitsubishi lancer

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Mitsubishi lancer

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