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Bmw 520

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Bmw 520 relates to the amazing brand Bmw.
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There are not too many cars that cause so much emotion as it can cause BMW 520. It is the strongest way different from the same Audi and Mercedes. New model of 5-series not only show the success of its owner, but his outlook on life. BMW 520 is a very beautiful car. You can enjoy them forever. Of the previous model it differs by new features that make it look more compact, but in fact it is larger and roomier. Wheelbase was extended by 58 millimeters, the overall length by 66. The new layout has substantially increased space in the passenger compartment and decided one very big problem of earlier versions - the lack of leg room. Free space increase at both front and rear sides. BMW 520 Passenger compartment is ambiguous. At first you want something more of the spirit of the abundance of Hi-Tech aluminum or displays. But a little getting used, the interior begins look much better. There are a lot if 7-series inside the vehicle: the same iDrive system, the same large and ribbed handle on the tunnel between the seats. But it has only four directions instead of 8 at 7-series. It has cast aluminum 16 inch wheels and the standard tires. Seats are also simpler, regulated in combination, both mechanically and electrically. Trim is made of black plastic. BMW 520 Under the hood is a 6-cylinder power unit with 170 horsepower. The engine is balanced, very quiet and developing excellent traction and acceleration at high speeds. And with all this, it is very environmentally friendly and economical. The engine complies with the most stringent standard, the U.S. ULEV II. This was achieved thanks to the Double Vanos valves, optimizing the combustion process. The car accelerates fine in the first three gears. Power is felt in almost all modes and an automatic transmission selects the gear so that the engine speed is maintained in the range of 3500 to 6000. During driving on a normal automatic D transmission, the car seems calm and economical. With leisurely trips, on-board computer as if asleep, and the consumption rate is kept at 13-14 liters per hundred kilometers. But it is necessary to turn to S mode and car immediately becomes a real “predator”.

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bmw 520

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Bmw 520

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