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Citroen c3

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Citroen c3 found on brand Citroen - C3
Citroen c3 relates to the amazing brand Citroen.
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Premiere updated Citroen C3 Frankfurt Auto Show will be held in autumn 2009. For Russian buyers Citroen C3 received only the following summer of 2010. Creating a new generation of cars, the engineers of the brand have created an important task: to bring together all the best, but to make it better and more convenient.

Design interventions create a sense of what C3 2010 has become much more powerful, and more. Clearly readable, and stamped on the back of the line to move forward, visually widening the car. Simple design techniques have allowed to leave the overall visual concept, and at the same time able to change the general idea of the appearance of Citroen C 3.

When the stop 286 liters of luggage capacity, width - 103 cm by 22 cm, height to baggage. You can increase the amount of luggage space, with folding rear seats. It's simple and easy - one movement of the trunk or the back door. After that amount of space is increased to almost 1000 liters.

citroen c3 According to him, with 3 Engine: 1.6-liter (120 hp) and 1.4 liters (75 and 95 hp). The first two work in tandem with a five speed manual. The most powerful in the series can be combined even with a 4-speed automatic transmission. All the engine in accordance with Euro V. Through the use of new electrical amplifier and much has changed back beam C3 car became more responsive to the control and collect.

citroen c3 citroen c3 citroen c3 citroen c3
citroen c3 citroen c3 citroen c3 citroen c3

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