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Saxo model started in 1996 and is one of the smallest cars in the line of Citroen. It replaced the arts, and had become a Citroen in the compact class. Excellent handling, good performance and a sleek, modern design and a comfortable lounge did Saxo popular.

The car is offered in 3 and 5-door. In Europe, this model is often referred to as "hot version". Acceleration to 100 Saxo VTS and it takes only 8.7 seconds. Speed limit of 205 km / h This version is equipped with a 1.6-liter engine producing 118 hp

Subsequently, in 1999, Saxo changed. The new design of the front surface of the revived car. There are lights that are more rounded. And on the hood built two ribs, which gradually becomes grating. And the car started to put two colors, reflectors, rear window cleaner. Inside, in order to increase the reconstructed rear seat headrests and enlarge. It should be noted that the entire Citroen is guaranteed for 12 years with a body rust.

citroen saxo Responsible for the safety of two airbags, seat belts and tensioning system for the mitigation of side impact. Saxo is not great, but it does not mean that the car can not overcome your long distance. True to the rear seats to sit and lie comfortably be just for kids, but with the front passengers comfortably accommodate everyone. The luggage compartment is 280 liters, and with the rear seats folded increases to 953 liters. Saxo is the main ridge - urban use. For the convenience of parking and maneuverability of the vehicle has no competitors.

In 2000, based on the Citroen Saxo built electric car. Capacity of which is 11 - 20 kW, acceleration from zero to 50 km / h - 8,3 s, range in urban areas - 80 km. The current source 20, nickel-cadmium batteries with charger for about 7 hours. With special equipment to speed up the process of charging the battery is reduced to 40 minutes. Already in 2003 it was replaced by the new Saxo Citroen C2.

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