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Honda z

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Honda z relates to the amazing brand Honda.
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Honda Z is a 2-door compact crossover, the Japanese company Honda introduced it for the first time in 1998. A similar model with the letter «Z» was already in the history of the company in 1970, it was then released two-door "runabout", called Z600. For this small machine offers at the moment are two options with the volume of two-cylinder engine 354 cm3 and 598 cm3 (for vehicles that are manufactured for export). The power of these engines ranged from 30 to 36 hp Also, we offer two transmission: 4-speed and 5-speed manual transmission. However, in 1974 production ceased Z600. And now let's talk about the current model, which is called the Honda Z. I would say that the similarities between the model 70 and model of '98 is that both cars midget, but the technical equipment is very different, in principle, is not surprising.

Honda Z Honda Z was equipped with a 3-cylinder, 12-valve Solo Over Head Cam engine with a displacement of 660 cc, it is worth noting that the manufacturers offer two versions of the power unit: power of 52 hp engine with atmospheric air intake and a power of 64 hp turbocharged engine. I want to say that the engine is located under the rear seat. Under it was the same and transmission. This arrangement of aggregates leads to difficulties during the maintenance of the vehicle. To replace the air filter had to put up the rear wheels, and to replace the timing belt, I had to disassemble the suspension. The car was equipped with all-wheel drive 4WD Real Time, by which, when driving normally, were leading the front wheels, and if the situation worsened in the road and had difficulty moving, then they are automatically connected and the rear wheels. I want to say that Honda Z had a good stability on the road, thanks to the fact that the center of gravity of the vehicle was under the front seats. I want to add is the fact that you can install the 15-inch wheels, which worked well when driving off-road suspension.

I will say a few words about the interior, it was quite comfortable, though the rear seats are not very comfortable for passengers, but it can be used as a place to carry your luggage. The production of Honda Z was discontinued in 2003 year.

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honda z honda z honda z honda z

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