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Seat cordoba found on brand Seat - Cordoba
Seat cordoba relates to the amazing brand Seat.
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As a rule, the family is almost always buy a small sedan "B" class, because it can go both to the country and to go to a restaurant for dinner. It should be noted that this type of car is a successful approach to both women and men. So maybe, Seat Cordoba which we took for a test drive often buy newlyweds. Indeed, in my view, the main role when buying Cordoba has its price, but about all I'll order. Seat Cordoba was made on the basis of a hatchback Ibiza, which we know well. Sit in the car's interior and look at all the options, this seemingly modest car lot.

As for security, it is at a high level. The car is 100% safe.

Seat Cordoba Transmission works perfectly and the car effortlessly and quietly, from zero to 100 km / h in about 11 - 12 seconds. While the fuel consumption of 6.5 liters of mixed-mode drive, 5.3 liter when driving on the road, as was stated in the documentation. It is worth noting that the maintenance of one of the cheapest as prices of spare parts are available to each owner of the car. I want to say that this is a serious blow to the competition, which often overestimate the price of maintenance of their vehicles.

Engine capacity of 1.4 liters, 16V, output of 85 hp By the way, at first seemed to me the engine is not so powerful. But as soon as you sit behind the wheel and started the engine and start to move, then immediately realize that Cordoba is capable of much.

seat cordoba seat cordoba seat cordoba seat cordoba
seat cordoba seat cordoba seat cordoba seat cordoba

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Seat cordoba

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