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Lexus lx 470

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Lexus lx 470 relates to the amazing brand Lexus.
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The first generation LX-series cars used the engine similar to that of Toyota Land Cruiser. Next generations faced changes both in exterior and interior and it resulted in creation of a powerful LX 470. This vehicle can ride without roads and it was specially designed for it. The car is very heavy-it can ride through rivers and different humps. ABS and throttle control system help to control cornering as well as the active suspension. The car can be even made heavier – it has lots of space for cargo, so you won’t have to travel light in difficult road conditions. lexus lx 470 This heavy car is equipped with 4.7 liter V8 engine, that’s what had given the actual name of the model. Acceleration is a bit lowered so as to produce an effect of a smooth ride. And that’s why, perhaps, the driver won’t be able to realize the power of the vehicle. Versions previous to the year 2003 had a four-speed transmission. But a new generation of LX 470 appeared in 2003 bringing within itself a five-speed gearbox. Well-focused headlights make the vision clear especially in the dark. Other safety measures include air bags for front seats and also first and second-row side airbags. The seats are very comfortable except for third-row ones. Comparing them to other models of larger versions of Lexus, the conclusion is the following: they provide too little room. On the whole, the car provides available seating for up to eight passengers. lexus lx 470 The standard specification of Lexus LX 470 includes modified audio system which offered a DVD-player at the rear sets. There is also a system of DVD-navigation and other amenities such as a back-up camera in the rear. Another option is to use an infrared Night-view imaging system. It allows getting an idea of the unknown part of the road. All the materials used in the interior are of high quality. There are lots of leather and wood-elements in the upholstery. One of the main drawbacks of the car is its high price. But it is rather evident that this vehicle is worth the money spent on its powerful engine and massive but convenient body shell.

lexus lx 470 lexus lx 470 lexus lx 470 lexus lx 470
lexus lx 470 lexus lx 470 lexus lx 470 lexus lx 470
lexus lx 470

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