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Mercedes-benz viano

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Mercedes-benz viano found on brand Mercedes-Benz - Viano
Mercedes-benz viano relates to the amazing brand Mercedes-benz.
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Mercedes-Benz Viano is a unique car on all cases of life. The salon of Mercedes-Benz Viano is contained in itself by eight adults of passengers that during a journey to the car Viano will feel the real comfort and safety. Mercedes-Benz Viano Mercedes-Benz Viano is produced in different executions and different size: in the lines of design and acquisition of Trend and Ambiente. The customers three variants of length of basket are offered to: compact (about 4,75 m), extended (about 4,99 m) and extra-long (about 5,22 m). All of them are united by the row of general lines, giving Viano authentic originality and uniqueness: design, finishing of salon, palette of engines, working internal’s, maneuverability, finally, look of interior, highly lifting a slat possible in this class of cars. As engines four aggregates are offered at choice, answering the standard of Euro VI. Diesels of CDI by the swept volume 2,2 L. by power 109 and 150 hp is equipped by a 6-step mechanical gear-box (with a «joystick» instead of lever). A reverse gear is equipped by «protecting from a fool» (to include her, in it is the beginning necessary to raise a ring on a lever). Both petrol V- vivid 6-cylinder engine by the swept volume 3,2 L. by power 190 and 218 hp are completed only 5-range automatic boxes. Mercedes-Benz Viano Changes in Viano 2011 touched not only appearance but also acquisition and comfort of salon. The stylization of interior is maximally close to the models of automobile line of business concern. The new directing is set for transformation of salon. Opening in them is hidden by the special rubber compressions. A driving place awarded with the special attention of designers. A new multifunction steering wheel, new comfortable and bright panel of devices, appeared, seat with great number of regulations. A front panel found the decorated insertions under a tree, marble or aluminum and color display. A navigational got vocal support. Front seats are equipped by electro-regulations, and near passenger there was a place for the wall outlet of 12В. The back-end of salon became more elegant and more comfortable. A producer gives possibility to the consumers to correct the multimedia system under the tastes. It can be navigation center with a large color display or relatively simple radio-recorder with the function of playing of MP3. The developers of soundproofing practically fully released Viano from characteristic for large-volume cars boominess.

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mercedes-benz viano mercedes-benz viano mercedes-benz viano mercedes-benz viano
mercedes-benz viano

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Mercedes-benz viano

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