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Toyota hiace

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Toyota hiace relates to the amazing brand Toyota.
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Toyota HiAce is the car that was produced by the Japanese manufacturer. Initially, production started in 1967, and to this day has HiAce popularity among both modifications and on customers who prefer it to Toyota HiAce. Submitted in 1967, Hiace was introduced as the vehicle with which the journey - one of the best, which will leave a long memory. Hiace vans originally largely been exported to Africa, where they are used as public transport vehicles. This is not surprising, I must say. Toyota Hiace Toyota 90 years apparently adhered to conception of economy. Very comfortable mechanically disconnected drive. In dry time a year is not present necessity to twist drive and cog-wheel in a bridge «simply so». With the offensive of offseason (ice-storm, dirt) simply connect mechanically drive and a front bridge is already ready to work. Exterior • Steel wheeled disks 195/R15 • Full size spare wheel • Fog lamps Interior • Steering Booster • Mechanical regulation of front seats • Hand regulation of steering column on inclination • Front powered • Injury-automatic electric of driver • Screen-wipers of front and back glass • Audio system CD/MP3/WMA • 6 loud speakers • Conditioner and heater for a booth and for a salon • Unsmiling coverage of sex of salon • Tissue upholstering of seats Common impression Hayes is a not car-it is a machine of Carrying a passenger. Ate 8 back 9 L. 92 petrol’s at speed 90 km/h. Now a 9,5 L. Wherever he was not only, what he did not see only, to say that it is a good machine- make no remark. To him, however and in parallel with him I had Toyota – mark 2, known, corona, carina, Nissan - laurel sedric. Ladies and gentlemen it is simple balalaikas. However Axis broke a secret too, true on road – newer, he as a normal horse arrived in a garage talked- owner for me something not so. Toyota Hiace Very comfortable seats, in 12 hours a back is not pushed aside in transit. If will give up in the salon of load 500 kg – that in general goes better than any automobile, about that not 4 WD felt sorry one only about 5 although I exploit in and summer winter. There are defects- a conditioner, if outside 30, not very cools. Power is enough, until now very frisky. Engine 1RZ, in him changed 1 time of candle, armor wires (tore away on foolishness), all straps(the strap of timing in this rendering-engine is not present), oil in a rendering-engine through 8500 km, in a box and back bridge through 80000, 3 times air filter with a rendering engine all. Working- changed at the front- lower ball (for 850 р) and overhead levers with a ball (for 3800). Both cross-pieces (on 850р) right front and back shock absorbers (for 1700), about salon blocks and other elastics I do not mention- them small and change somewhere through a 100000 km.

toyota hiace toyota hiace toyota hiace toyota hiace
toyota hiace toyota hiace toyota hiace toyota hiace
toyota hiace

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Nyefolo Alotsi
About photo #8
this is exactly what I am looking for. i am kindly requesting the price since I'd like to purchase 2 of this model
2013-03-05 06:55:04
Chaudhary shaheryar Too good if we buy it in 2013 . i traveled in it very nice
2013-06-24 22:23:25
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Toyota hiace

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