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Mini cooper relates to the amazing brand Mini.
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I won a new Mini Cooper in a contest, as strange as it may sound.
I was driving on it from December to July.

Attached is the guarantee and what is necessary. Cooper I really liked because it has bright appearance, good handling, great acceleration. When I pressed on the gas pedal, I felt like I pressed himself into a chair. The car was never broke down. The car has good overview, you can park anywhere, thanks to its small size, also very helps parking sensor. All this makes the Cooper appropriate for city driving. Despite its small size, inside saloon is very spacious, including the rear seat (even the two big men fits on them without problems). I really liked the dashboard, especially a large speedometer in the middle and tumblers-switches (they look like switchers in the helicopter).
Mini Cooper But Mini Cooper does not approach for country parties trips. On poor road surfaces it strongly bouncing (due to their short size) and people inside begins to feel bad. Therefore, this car is only suitable for city driving a short distance (such as to the work). Another disadvantage of the car is very small trunk, and in order to put in it something large, you need to fold the rear seats. According to data from the navigation panel, the average fuel consumption makes 10.5 liters, despite the low weight and neat style of driving. From this we can draw the conclusion that vehicle is intended for city driving.

For all the time operation of the vehicle, there were no breakdowns. It is difficult to say about the dynamics of Cooper. When I pressed on the gas pedal, I immediately felt the acceleration (but little confused by this). But little confused by this - all other cars easily overtake me at traffic lights and during acceleration. Now I drive a Ford Mondeo and the situation there is the opposite - the acceleration of the car is not felt, but on start all the cars far behind me.

I sold my Mini Cooper, because I like big cars. I could not sell it from July to November, despite Cooper's perfect condition. Apparently, this country has little connoisseurs of Mini Cooper. Advantages of Cooper: convenient parking, good looks, reliability, manageability, and dashboard design. Disadvantages of this car are a small trunk, failure to adapt to country trips, weak headlights and the complexity of the sale.

mini cooper mini cooper mini cooper mini cooper
mini cooper mini cooper mini cooper mini cooper

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Mini cooper

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