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Peugeot rcz

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Peugeot rcz found on brand Peugeot - Rcz
Peugeot rcz relates to the amazing brand Peugeot.
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The concept-car of Peugeot 308 was preceded appearance of serial version RCZ that was presented on a motor show in Frankfurt in September, 2007. Model success was so deafening, that the necessity of her commercial production became obvious. Creation of serial car was carried out in the earliest possible dates. His presentation took place within the framework of 63rd motor Show in Frankfurt, only in 2 after the first presentation of concept 308 RCZ. The world sales of model of Peugeot RCZ started in spring of 2010. Peugeot RCZ By the way, Peugeot RCZ is the first passenger car of brand, in the name of that there are not numbers with one or two «0» in a center. Peugeot RCZ is a new compartment, possessing unusual appearance that absorbed in itself the brightly-expressed lines of sporting car. Peugeot RCZ is brought over to itself by large attention by the swift silhouette, roof muscular wheeled arches and aggressive forehand moved forward. From uniqueness, that is possessed by the new compartment of Peugeot RCZ, it is impossible not to pay attention to back spoiler that at gathering speed rises all excelsior, ending getting up on speed in 150 km/h. At a desire, it is possible to manage this spoiler pushing button on a central cantilever. From minuses of machine it is possible to mark her very subzero travelling road clearance, and also small capaciousness of salon and luggage separation, but for people that choose the car of class of «compartment» such minuses of minimize. Motors are completed a mechanical 6-step, or by an automatic 6-step gear-boxes. High speed of 156-strong version is 217 km/h, and acceleration from a place to 100 km/h occupies 8 seconds. A middle expense of fuel is 6,9 L. on a 100 km the Modification, equipped by a 200-strong turbocharged motor, is able to be dispersed to maximal 237 km/h, and for gathering speed from a place to hundred is required her 7,5 seconds. Peugeot RCZ The expense of petrol in the mixed loop is equal a 7,0 L. on 100 km of run. Finishing of salon of Peugeot RCZ reminds internal registration of racing cars, carrying a driver and passengers in the world of super speeds and keen experiencing. The design of interior does not cause censures in ergonomics. A control panel not at all prevents to the good review of road. She can be finished by innovative revetment with attractive smooth texture, or individualized by finishing from an especially quality smooth skin. Pay attention on itself clock and pointers of device panel with the carbon black background and decorative elements from the pressed metal, and also the chrome-plated insertions in steering wheel arms are details of prestige sporting car.

peugeot rcz peugeot rcz peugeot rcz peugeot rcz
peugeot rcz peugeot rcz peugeot rcz peugeot rcz
peugeot rcz

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About photo #4
this is the most beautiful roaster ever made so far. more beautiful than a wife
2012-11-16 04:27:06
About photo #8
I can get married to this car, this more beautiful than the woman!
2012-11-16 04:33:25
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Peugeot rcz

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