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Bugatti veyron relates to the amazing brand Bugatti.
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The car «Bugatti Veyron» - one of the most dear, powerful and fast in the world resolved to use on public roads. The car is started in manufacture by the company «Volkswagen AG» this car really it is considered unique and is on sale under mark «Bugatti», and by the name is obliged Pierre Veyron which has won on the car race of «Le Mans» in 1939. Bugatti Veyron For the first time are conceptual the car (EB 18/3 «Chiron») presented to general public on the Tokyo Motor show in 1999. It was the car with the engine in volume of 6,3 liters and capacity of 555 horsepower’s. The engine will consist of three blocks on 6 cylinders in each of them. Design of the future car «Bugatti Veyron» has developed the Italian studio «ItalDesign», famous Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. On the Geneva Motor show in 2001, the company has exposed the new sample of the car with the name «Bugatti EB 16/4 Veyron». Bugatti Veyron It is necessary to note, that the volume of release of the given car does not exceed 300 copies in a year and it can be got for 1 million euro. The car possesses following characteristics: 16 cylinder engine with volume of 7,999 liters. The distributive mechanism of gases will consist of 4 camshafts and 64 valves. Capacity of the engine makes from 1020 up to 1040 horsepower’s. To avoid possible misunderstanding, the company «Bugatti Automobiles S. A.S.» has declared that capacity of the engine is considered to be 1001 horsepower’s at a level.

The maximal parameter of a twisting instant makes 1250 Nanometers. On the car the arrangement «Haldex» which passes effort of the engine to all 4 wheels is established. A box of switching of transfers which is established on the engine – seven step. Switching of transfers is carried out by levers on a rudder. Transition to following transfer borrows 0,2 seconds. The maximal speed of the car «Bugatti Veyron» makes 407 kilometers at an o'clock, and time of dispersal up to 100 kilometers at an o'clock makes 2,5 seconds, up to 200 – 7,3 seconds, up to 300 – 16,7 seconds. The car is supplied by unique brake disks. On speeds from above 200 kilometers at an o'clock the system will involve a rear wing which works as an aerodynamic brake. The car spends 10 seconds for a full stop.

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bugatti veyron

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About photo #5
Erm... this is such a terrible cgi visualization (the worse I have ever seen, by miles) of otherwise amazingly beautiful design. Kindly take it off of this website, you'll do a favour to anyone who wants to see how a Veyron EB 16.4 looks like, because this cgi generated picture does not represent that at all. Thank you.
2013-05-08 23:51:47
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