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Chevrolet s-10

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Chevrolet s-10 relates to the amazing brand Chevrolet.
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The first truck of GM was released under the name Isuzu KB and was sold in 1972 as a Chevrolet SUV. In 1973, the Arab oil embargo forced the company to think about the design of GM compact pickups at home. During creating of new car were used elements of the chassis from other models (mostly G-platform). First S-Series pickup was introduced in 1982 as the GMC version of the brand called S-15. Later it was renamed the GMC Sonoma. Chevrolet and GMC models are equal. They has only different radiator enclosure. The width was same as in the former version of car based on the H-platform. In 1983 it was released 2 two-door car versions: S10 Blazer and S15 Jimmy. General Motors Company was the second (after the Jeep company), which presented similar wagon. Chevrolet s-10 In 1984 he was released enhanced models with a suspension designed for off-road. They were also equipped with hydraulic clutch. In 1985, the Iron Duke I4 from the Pontiac Company replaces the power unit of the Cavalier OHV I4. OHV 2.2 liters and Isuzu 1.9 liters engines ceased to be used. In 1986, the Iron Duke I4 2.5-liter engines were replaced by power unit V6 TBI 2.8-liter. The most favorite engine of customers GM V6 TBI 4.3 liters appear in 1988. And from this year, the cars were with ABS. In March 1990 were introduced a 4-door models like Oldsmobile Bravada. As mentioned earlier, the model GMC S-15 was renamed the GMC Sonoma in 1991. In the same year appears a model GMC Syclone. In 1992, there was another engine for this series - V6 Vortec W with volume of 4.3 liters and capacity of 178 hp. The limited edition Sonoma GT also released in 1992. This pickup had L35 V6 4.3 liters engine, which gave out 195 hp. During the year were produced 860 GMC Sonoma GT. Chevrolet s-10 A second generation of S-10 pickup produced in 1994. All special models (Typhoon, Syclone and Sonoma GT) were taken off from market. The new generation of cars has Vortec 2200 I4 SFI 2.2 liter and Vortec 4300 CMFI V6 4.3 liter engines. In 2001, there is appearing a 4-door version of the Chevrolet S-10 Srew Sab with two rows of seats. Production of S-series pickups was stopped in 2004.

chevrolet s-10 chevrolet s-10 chevrolet s-10 chevrolet s-10
chevrolet s-10 chevrolet s-10 chevrolet s-10 chevrolet s-10
chevrolet s-10

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Chevrolet s-10

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