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Smart cabrio

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Smart cabrio relates to the amazing brand Smart.
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So, at least, I want to write about my dear baby – Smart’e Cabrio. I use it almost one and half a year. And now I have decided to write short description of it.

So, what is the Smart’e? I would like to say that this little baby amused and excited a lot of people. But the most people just laugh when they see this car:). Often they ask what it is. How much is it? How much petrol does it need? And others questions… Certainly, it is not new thing in the France or Italy. There are more Smarts than other marks. There this model is very popular. But here is in our country… At first I felt myself in it like in the aquarium full of the small fries, which is looked by everyone. But it’s rather easy to accept it with the time, and with the time you stop to pay attention to it…

And now let’s talk about the Smart as the car. “Small! What a small it is!”… was the first thought. And how can I, with my tall height, feel myself comfortably there? But I come, sit down in it – that seems as all right. Nothing prevents, boarding is very comfortable. Oh, what a wonderful it is! My right kneel doesn’t touch my chin! How much place there is under my feet! I feel myself rather free. I see that engineers have seeked here and have thought of everything here. I want to say that in BMW, model seven of 2002 year, full of different settings, my kneel touched the front console, when my hands were on the helm in a comfortable position. Surely, from the left sight door would touch me if my weight was about 100kg, but with the frame like mine there is very conveniently in the car. So, the smart inside and the Smart from the outside are two different cars.

smart cabrio

How does it go? Engine consists of 0.7l in 62l. It has 6 candles. So, it goes. And it seems that it goes too quickly. But it seems so because of high level of comfort in it and because of low level of sounds. It gathers speed about 60km very easy, but then it is rather difficult to gather speed above it. Also the Smart don’t like speed bumps and hard winds. Car’s box has an automatic mode.

What about Cabrio… I found that it is very comfortably and usefully. Change the settings ad you have the sky above your head. If you remove side plates then your car will turn into a full cabriolet. Also the light from the headlights is perfect. It lights well and does not blind. The trunk is small but rather tall, and you can lay a lot of things in it. All the bags from the supermarkets can be there and you can find more place there. Generally, just positive feelings. The car is created very cleverly and qualitatively. There are a lot of different complications with the leather interior, with heated seats and mirrors and etc. And there is the chose appeared on the market and I think it will grow up… So, now that’s all. I’ll add something a little later.

P.S. With the help of this car I have solved the problem of the parking and economic using. Also I have only positive emotions and good mood driving. Thanks for everybody. And the choice is yours.

smart cabrio smart cabrio smart cabrio smart cabrio
smart cabrio smart cabrio smart cabrio smart cabrio

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