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Model Fiat 126 is a two-door compact car made by the Italian company Fiat. First car was introduced in 1972 year. The Fiat 500 is the predecessor of this model (was made before 1975). In Italy the Fiat 126 was made in Cassino and Termini Imerese factories until 1980. Then production was moved to the FSM factory (Fabryka Samochodow Malolitrazowych - small car factory) in Poland. There is a car produced under license from Fiat already 1973 as Polski Fiat 126p. The «p» letter in the title has been specifically added to differentiate from the Fiat 126 cars produced in other countries. In June 6, 1973 the first car Fiat 126p was made from Italian parts. In July 22, 1973 cars started full assembled at the Polish factory. The release of 126p in Poland lasted until 2000. Also this model is produced under Fiat’s license by Zastava in Serbia under the name Zastava 126. fiat 126 Fiat 126 originally came with a 2-cylinder 0,594 liters engine Straight-two (similar engines commonly used for agricultural machinery & motorcycles). The car had a fairly small size. Wheelbase is 1840 mm, length - 3054 mm, height - 1337 mm, width - 1377 mm. Vehicle weight can vary from 580 to 619 kg. In 1977 it was replaced with the engine Straight-two capacity of 0.594 liters comes more powerful 2-cylinder power unit 2 Straight-capacity 0.652 liters and 24 hp. In 1984 Fiat 126 car has undergone the first restyling. He received a new plastic bumper and a new dashboard. An updated version was called Fiat 126p FL. fiat 126 In 1987 year it was released an updated version of the 122nd model named Fiat 126 Bis, which was equipped with a 0,704 liters capacity engine. In 1994 year the Fiat 126 model has experienced new update looks. Some parts of the update 122nd models were borrowed from model Cinquecento. This version was named Fiat 126 EL. In January 1997 based on the Fiat 126 EL was released another version called Fiat 126 ELX, which was equipped with a catalyst. In October 2000, production of the Fiat 126 has been discontinued. For all the time it was produced 4,67 million vehicles (1,35 million at a plant in Italy and 3,320,000 in Poland). Completion of the production output was designated a limited edition Fiat 126 car with a yellow body, which was named «Happy End».

fiat 126 fiat 126 fiat 126 fiat 126
fiat 126 fiat 126 fiat 126 fiat 126
fiat 126

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