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Caterham 21

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Caterham 21 found on brand Caterham - 21
Caterham 21 relates to the amazing brand Caterham.
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Caterham is the known English brand producing legendary sporting cars. In this production the developments and technologies were applied by the talented designer of sporting machines Colin Chapman during forty years. Since in 1973 an exclusive right on the production of Lotus 7 was purchased Caterhan Cars Ltd. (dealer Lotus), the car got the name Caterham Super Seven. A company Caterhan Cars, continuing to perfect «seven», tried to save her unique spirit. On some models carbon fibers were applied is material, becoming the new choice of undercarriage for «Formula-1». Caterham 21 Modern Caterham Super Seven can be manned already by Rover motors with an electronic injection, the «easiest» from that, - by volume of 1,6 L. - gives out 116 forces. And the top of family of Super Seven for today is a 2-with a capacity of one the L. model in 190 l.p. Id est. at all making of construction heavier her specific power did not only go down in the last few years but also grew in 1,5-2,5 time! A model with the futurism design of Caterham 21 was first presented in Birmingham in 1994. It is the RWD car of elite class with a basket roadster from easy alloys, created on the base of legendary car Lotus Seven. From 1999 besides the well known models of Seven, VX Classic, 1.6 K - series, 1.8 K - series, 1.6 Superlight, 1.8 Superlight R, 1.8 VVC Caterham offers exclusive Silverstone, Classic Super sprint and racing Club Sport. A basic volume of output is on a model with the 1,8-with a capacity of one the liter 165-strong engine of Rover, that allows to develop 100 km/h after 4,8 p. The auto Caterham presented modification of the roadster, getting the name Caterham R400. Number 400 in this case designates correlation of amount of hp on the ton of weight of car. At the novelty, equipped by a 200-strong 1,8-with a capacity of one the liter motor, and that weighs about 500 kg, this correlation makes 400 l.p. on the ton of weight. Within the framework all the same agreement of Caterham Cars got a right to use the brand of XPOWER, that is used a company MG Rover for cars participating in rally and basket races. Caterham 21 Base modification of Classic from now on is equipped by a 105-strong motor by volume of a 1,4 L. With him, Caterham by mass only 540 kg able to be dispersed to «hundred» for 6,5 seconds, and high speed arrives at 177 km/h. Due to application of plastic external panels of basket replacing an aluminum mass of the most powerful version succeeded to be retained within the limits of 460 kg. Thus specific power of car makes 500 hp on a ton. Such parameter is not arrived at by many more prominent super punishments, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. For an acceleration to 100 km/h Caterham Superlight R500 is needed 3,4 seconds, however high speed, on sporting measurements, not very high - 241 km/h, bad aerodynamics affects frankly, with the wheels taken away outside a basket.

caterham 21 caterham 21 caterham 21 caterham 21
caterham 21 caterham 21 caterham 21 caterham 21
caterham 21

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