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Ferrari f355

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Ferrari F355 is a double rear-drive mid-engined sports car, which was manufactured by the Italian Company Ferrari from 1994 to 1999. Initially the car was released in two versions: Berlinetta in coupe body and GTS with targa roof. Spider version in the body of convertible was introduced later in 1995. Ferrari F355 Ferrari F355 was equipped with V8 engine, and had a volume of 3.5 liters. One cylinder had five valves. This improvement has allowed to achieve a capacity of 380 hp at 8000 r / min. At the time of its appearance Ferrari F355 was available on the market only with 6-speed manual transmission. But in 1998, the sports car could be optionally fitted with a semi-automatic gear change, similar to the one used in the "Formula 1". Model with such a transmission was called Ferrari 355 F1. Sports car has received a new adaptive suspension with a new electronic system of automatic change of stiffness, that has collected information about the vehicle speed, brake pressure, vehicle load, and then, proceeding from these data, customized the stiffness of the shock absorbers. Aerodynamics of the car was at the high level. Even the air flow under the car was calculated to the last detail, which made the sports car more stable on a high speeds. Ferrari F355 In 1995, the Company has presented a new version of the car named Ferrari F355 Challenge, which was intended only for use in «Ferrari Challenge» - special international racing of GT class. There were no many differences from the standard model: sport seats, spoiler and bumpers. In 1999 a limited edition of Ferrari F355 named «Serie Fiorano» was presented at Geneva Motor Show. These models had a special package of options, which included new shock absorbers and suspension settings and a lower boarding. All the cars of this series were released in the body of a convertible. An external feature was a nameplate on the dashboard. Only 100 copies of this series have been produced. The same year the production of Ferrari F355 was discontinued. During all the production 11,273 cars have been produced.

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Ferrari f355

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