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Mazda mx-3

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The Mazda MX - 3 is a four - seat hatchback coupe first introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1991. During creation of car MX 3, a company Mazda knew that development will be estimated on territory of Japan. But a company did not understand in general, that Mazda MX 3 in course of time will purchase status cult. Even to date Mazda MX 3 does not lose the actuality all over the world. Not only ordinary citizens take interest them but also street racers, that fell in love Mazda MX 3 yet from producing of the first serial prototypes. Let us look at the car Mazda MX 3 a bit nearer. Mazda mx-3 Original appearance of Mazda MX 3 Exactly appearance of Mazda MX 3 very likes to the tuners that found in this car an empty canvas that can be adorned by bright paints. The perfectly projected geometry of basket makes happy an eye and renders positive influence on dynamic aero quality. Some proprietors it is said that after the choice of Mazda MX 3, it is no longer desirable to sit in close runabout. The paint of basket appeared very quality. Interior The inside of car can a bit differ from the interior of later models of Mazda MX 3. For example, in 1994, after 2 after the start of mass production, in the salon of Mazda MX 3 began to set new back seats and torpedo. By the way, incomprehensible why, but in the back-end of car will be unseemly to those people that have a large height. Maybe, all business in the same back seats of Mazda MX 3? Maybe! But it is a not that car that is intended for the protracted ride with passengers behind. Mazda mx-3 But a driver has large enough space. The device panel of Mazda MX 3 is done so that a driver was able at once to understand with all functions. Although, the device panel of that time does not go to no comparing to the panels set on the modern cars of Mazda. Devices are located by magic character - at any position of helm all devices evidently clearly. Technical features of car Mazda MX 3 Mazda MX 3 is a rapid car that can be dispersed to 230 km/h. Five-step mechanics during exploitation also showed oneself as a reliable knot. It is possible dynamically enough to sweep in city, but the shortage of sixth transmission is felt in country. To 200 000 km can perfectly last at the quiet ride of small box of transmissions. A pendant of car is separate history. Conclusions If to talk in general, then powerful engine of Mazda MX 3, comfortable salon, quality Manual CAT, brakes and pendant does the car Mazda MX 3 a «municipal rocket». Moreover, Mazda MX 3 is accessible to majority of motorists in the plan of price, because from six to nine thousand dollars cost. But at the purchase of Mazda MX 3 do not forget to check the car for a capacity.

mazda mx-3 mazda mx-3 mazda mx-3 mazda mx-3
mazda mx-3 mazda mx-3 mazda mx-3 mazda mx-3
mazda mx-3

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Mazda mx-3

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