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Ford escort 1.6

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Ford escort 1.6 found on brand Ford - Escort
Ford escort 1.6 relates to the amazing brand Ford.
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Ford Escort in 1967 replaced an outdated model Anglia. Escort was one of the best selling models after Ford T. Ford Escort was produced from the first-generation four-and two-door versions. In car engines installed generation capacity of Kent with 1.1 liters and 1.3 liters. Kent-generation motors capacity of 1.1 liter and 1.3 liter packaged with that car. There were plenty of configuration options: Standart, De Luxe, Super. Ford Escort was produced in four-and two-door model. There were many versions of the sports cars: GT, Twin Cam, Sport, Mexico, 1300E, RS1600 and RS2000. Ford Escort million units were sold just in eight years. Ford Escort Ford Escort in 1975, has been upgraded. In 1976, this car was replaced by the second generation Escort. Popular in the 70's rectangular shape of the body have become the hallmark of the car. In addition was expanded range of engines: for civilian versions were available engines with 1.1 and 1.3 liters and power 45 hp and 70 hp Sport versions had Escort II 1.6L and 2L engines. For six years Models Escort II was produced six million units. Ford Escort III debuted in 1980. The new model has a front-wheel drive and a transversely mounted engine. Ford Escort III was a three-door or five-door and had liked a corner design. Also issue wagon and pickup Ford Escort III. All Escort III cars staffed OHV Kent and CVH engines from 1.1 liters to 1.6 liters (50hp to 97hp) and diesel 1.6 liter (54hp). In 1982 was released sport Ford Ford Escort III XR3i. In 1984 there is a strong modification Escort III RS Turbo with turbocharged fuel-injected 1.6 liter engine (132 hp). In 1986 the Escort III has a new look - wider bumper, hood and salon are changed. After this upgrade came a new fourth generation Escort. Have been slightly modified the engines for Escort IV. Ford Escort

In 1990 there was a new fifth-generation Escort. The car has received completely redesigned body and new engines. Cars were set on petrol engines from 1.3 liters to 1.6 liters (60 hp to 105hp) and diesel power units in volume of 1.8liters (60 hp and 90 hp, turbocharged). Public recognize the new car out of date. This has caused a complete renovation Escort. Two years later came the sixth generation of the car. Exterior was changed globally: lights and all optical units have a new shape; the hood got the radiator grille with oval slot air intake, etc. The upgrade did not affect the mechanics and engines - they are the same. But was released a whole series of updated versions of sports Escort VI.

Significant modernization of the car took place in 1995. So there was the seventh generation of the latest models of cars in the series. Improving received exterior and interior. Body and bumper are more rounded shape. Also the car was equipped with new equipment - power steering, air bags for the driver, ABS, air conditioning, etc. Escort VII had a spacious interior with practical and durable upholstery, comfortable seats and a 380-liters luggage compartment (1145 liters in the hatchback). Escort VII came with a petrol power unit from 1.3 liters to 1.8 liters (60 hp to 115hp) and diesel engine of 1.8 liters (60hp, 70hp and 90hp). Besides hatchback are produced modification notchback, hatchback Escort VII Turnier, pickup Escort VII Express and convertible Escort VII Cabrio. In 1998 the issue of Escort VII waned because for development of the new Ford Focus. Phased out the production of various modifications, and in September 2000 the production line at Ford in Essex came last European Escort.

ford escort 1.6 ford escort 1.6 ford escort 1.6 ford escort 1.6
ford escort 1.6 ford escort 1.6 ford escort 1.6 ford escort 1.6
ford escort 1.6

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