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Alfa romeo proteo

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Alfa romeo proteo relates to the amazing brand Alfa romeo.
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Debut A project Proteo is worked out and carried out in own Design Studio under the direction of Walter da Silva. Proteo is a two-seater compartment on a base Alfa Romeo 164. A debut took place on Genevan Moto show. Some, but far not all from the technical finds of Proteo were later used on future GTV and Spider. The shortened undercarriage from 164 is changed cardinal character - a full drive transmission is worked out with possibility of management by all four wheels. Front-rank alpha engineers did not want to depend only upon a front drive. Head Fiat, as it takes place constantly, majority from many perspective decisions put under a smooth woolen cloth. Advantages Mainly, not to consider advantages: overcoming of large enough distances, reasonable expense of fuel; there is not a necessity to change candles after, we will say, thousands of km of ride. A plus to everything is an interior and quality assembling. Well not fairy-tale? And that is great! Alfa Romeo Proteo Interior and exterior In style of registration of salon the same logic is noticeable: lightness and compactness, all details are carefully careful thought out, exact balance of beauty of forms and functionality is self-possessed. External forms recur in an interior: both the bend of basket above a wing repeats and underlines the powerful outlines of wheel and bright-polished surface of front panel embraces a two windows scope a smooth wave with devices, accenting her outlines. At the same time the elements of other tones more or less light are plugged in finishing, creating the refined game of light and shade due to the careful selection of materials. All interior is built on general conception of easy construction. «Technogenic» materials are aluminum and CFRP - in him harmoniously combine with traditional - by a skin and braid from natural fibers’. Alfa Romeo Proteo Such is organizing multidimensional space of salon: where it is required to underline three-dimensionless (for example, on a driving place, in edging of arm-chairs), brilliant, bright-polished materials - aluminum and smooth skin are used.

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alfa romeo proteo alfa romeo proteo alfa romeo proteo alfa romeo proteo
alfa romeo proteo

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