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Caterham super 7

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Caterham super 7 relates to the amazing brand Caterham.
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Caterham Super Seven is the car produced companies of Caterham from 1992. The history a model begins yet from the end of 1950th, when Colin Chapman developed Lotus Seven, that later began to be produced under the brand of Caterham. This auto is considered one of the most noticeable developments in motor industry of ХХ of century. Basic slogan of model – «Not a gramme of overweight», came from the world of aviation and served a main idea at creation of this car with high aerodynamic internal’s. Similar no less a futuristic model Caterham CSR became. Caterham Super 7 The interior of salon of car Caterham Super Seven remains Spartan during many years. The panels of basket are made from thin aluminum follies, and long front wings are prorate along side-frames and do a passenger compartment very close. Fore wheels practically are fully open. Aerodynamic internal’s of machine, perhaps, worse, than at the products of Morgan. In addition to aforesaid, it is necessary to add that the car has a hard pendant and extraordinarily sensible steering management. His tubular framework is visible from a motor compartment and from the place of driver, protecting from a bad weather is conditional (to lift or drop a roof extremely difficultly). A basket does not have doors, actually it nowhere to put luggage. As the car is so small, feel in him at speed motion very vulnerably. In a salon very comfortably, he is small enough in spite of the fact that, and the walked about practically nowhere. Modern design and details fairly - all, as usual, generally. Amateurs to «drive» on will estimate this creation on a higher estimation, I do not doubt. Caterham Super 7 A machine looks aesthetically beautifully, "deliciously", so, that it is desirable to visit, sitting in a machine long time, and not to stick out. Original appearance (speaking about an exterior) makes happy. The impression on the whole is positive.

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caterham super 7 caterham super 7 caterham super 7 caterham super 7
caterham super 7

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