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Ferrari testarossa

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Ferrari testarossa found on brand Ferrari - Testarossa
Ferrari testarossa relates to the amazing brand Ferrari.
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Ferrari Testarossa is the 12-cylinder mid-motor sporting car of company Ferrari. It produced from 1984, substituting by the conveyer of Ferrari Berlinette Boxer. Original Testarossa was produced from 1984 to 1991, was whereupon modernized and renamed in 512 TR (1991-1994) and F512 M (1994-1996). Testarossa became one of the most successful models of Ferrari, for all the time of production almost 10,000 - 7177 things of Testarossa were produced, 2280 things 512 TR, and 500 things of F512 M. Ferrari Testarossa A model is very good in the thoroughness and exactness in little things. Yardmen though and not etched, and plastic, but better simple etched, because reproduce every their shallow features. An optics is cool done - for example, on an original overhead front lanterns have three sections - two transparent and one amber-colored - on a model just like this and it is done are three sections by separate details - super. Disks excellent, all nuances of prototype are passed too - from a very exact form to the clear image of stallion in a center. Ferrari Testarossa Etched inscription of Ferrari on a stern too turned out perfectly – all letters are good, without frequent in this element marriage. It is separately possible to say about the figurine of horse on a back grate. The point is that on Testarossa she was off type black, but many producers of models, including prominent, this is ignored and model standard chrome-plated etched. Kyosho and here showed exactness - a horse is black. An interior is too good - on a helm visible even outside horse on a yellow background, etched under a lever, miniature locks under seatbelts, indeed, straps are not present. A bottom too is traditionally well worked out, exhausts are chrome-plated. Without minuses did not do too. Most obvious - inexplicably wrong form of lid of luggage compartment - she is not flat, and for some reason protuberant and it strongly strikes the eyes, even if to look at the not front, and half-turned. In other the claims are not present, model excellent. The basket executed from aluminum alloys allowed bringing down weight on 71 kg, as compared to ВВ-512. Leopold Fioravanti came forward the designer of basket from a company Pininfarina. Engine in the car 12-cylinder opposed having four overhead cam-shafts and for four valves on a cylinder. In a time of appearance Testarossa was the most rapid auto in the world, dispersed less than after 5 with to 100 km/h.

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