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Lamborghini countach

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Lamborghini countach relates to the amazing brand Lamborghini.
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Lamborghini Countach is the car (supercar), produced by a company «Lamborghini» from 1974 to 1990. 1997 cars of this brand were produced in all. Lamborghini Countach This name gained a foothold after the car since Nuccio Bertone saw Project 112(working name of model) in the studio. In 1971 on an auto show in Geneva a prototype was shown exactly under this name, although traditionally a company Lamborghini gives to the models the names related to the corrida. The design of car developed Marcello Gandini (studio Bertone), he developed the design of Miura before. In those years Gandini was a young and not very experience designer. He was small oriented in ergonomics of car and an original design of Countach is this presentation of car, practically not distorted by rules and traditions of motor industry. The car in due form turned out awkward, wide and subzero. Actually a corps consisted of great number of trapeziums planes. Although in the car and smooth lines were present, they did not soften external angularity. Doors of car, original visiting-card of Countach, and afterwards and other models of Lamborghini, were guillotine type («doors-scissors», eng of scissor - doors) – for opening a door rose and pushed off forward. Although it and appeared an interesting designer decision, first of all it was done from the large width of car: standard doors in this case would be very uncomfortable. In spite of the streamlined corps, aerodynamic descriptions of car were subzero enough. The original design of prototype changed for accordance to the requirements of aerodynamics, ergonomics, comforts of management and accordance to the project requirements. These changes were begun with the first serial version of car, when it turned out that an additional vent opening is required for cooling of engine. As a result, on doors and back wings of car air scoops appeared with small dynamic resistance (eng of NACA duct). Lamborghini Countach Also on original appearance car spoilers, lids of carburetors, bumpers, and also other construction changes, strongly influenced. Countach replaced Miura. Although on both cars applied the same engine of VI2 within the limits of base, they fully differed from each other. On Countach a longitudinal engine ahead of that (on motion) a gear-box was situated was used. From her a twisting moment by means of prop shaft passing through an oil of engine pan was passed on the main transmission in turn, mounted on the back wall of pallet. Original appearance of Countach became the standard of design of higher level practically for all, except the designers of cars. Prominent descriptions of the following models of Lamborghini (both Diablo and Murcielago) are a job of engineer’s performance, but these models did not have so original and defiant original appearance Countach had that already.

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lamborghini countach

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Lamborghini countach

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