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Mitsubishi colt

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Mitsubishi colt found on brand Mitsubishi - Colt
Mitsubishi colt relates to the amazing brand Mitsubishi.
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Advantages of the car:

  • a compact,fast car
  • a rather efficient
  • comfortable
  • a good controllability of the car
  • Disadvantages of the car:

  • the noise insulation of a salon of car is not completed
  • the back door of the salon becomes dirty during the driving
  • I used the car during a month and remained satisfied.
    After the 1000 km the car really "revived" (I read a lot of information about the mitsubishi colt). Before, the driving the car didn't satisfy me-started slackly, run languidly. But after 850-900 km the colt began to work as it was necessary - quickly, swiftly. It provokes to a active driving. I am a driver with a small experience, but also there is a desire to press a gas pedal with a bigger force, without paying attention to a letter at the glass. It is a great pleasure to drive with the speed 60-70 km/h on the city road - a slight noise in the passenger compartment is not audible. I like the slightly audible sound of the engine, of course, if you go for about 100 km/h and above, the noise increases, but again same, turn the sound on fm/cd on, louder and voila! Noise is not heard.

    Mitsubishi Colt

    A lot has been said about the suspension of the mitsubishi colt - some say that it is not, the other - that it is too bad to auto for «that kind of money», as for me - the car suspension is normal - hard enough, which positively affects the kids (almost 9 and almost 4 years) - they are not swayed at a good speed. The bad roads interfere with a fast driving (max. 40-50km/h), but and in this situation the car shows itself very good - goes smoothly.

    Adjustment of the driver's seat was a pleasant surprise for me - I picked it up for the top position for the good review. So with my growth in 186 cm above my head still have enough space to ceiling interior.
    1,5 litre a bottle with water easily be placed in special refrigerated compartment -now the heat is in the street, it is very nice to get a drink of cool Cola.

    The trunk, however, is too small, but for a city auto - enough. We are going to leave somewhere "with baggage". Later I'll write a report, as all fit.

    Well, that's all.
    Good luck on the roads!

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    Mitsubishi colt

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