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Austin maestro

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Austin maestro found on brand Austin - Maestro
Austin maestro relates to the amazing brand Austin.
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In 2000 on the advice of acquaintances and it is a little casual, I became the owner of Austin maestro MG. The price of such wonderful car made 400 dollars that, you see, for the first car very not bad.Model notable - 5 doors, tuning of factory MG, the engine displacement of 1,6 l, the dual carburetor, the car directly for rally. The maestro was according to documents of 1980 of century, actually 1983. austin maestro In 1983 the British Leyland concern began a mass production of a compact hatchback with five doors of Austin Maestro on which by the company were laid hopes. The car debuted on the Geneva Motor Show on March 1, 1983. The car designed on absolutely new platform. In its design the safe windshield, bumpers in color of a body, adjustment of seat belts on height, a back of a back seat developing in parts, electronic control by the engine was applied a lot of modern at that time decisions, for example. Except a hatchback, the van model was issued also. austin maestro On Austin Maestro installed engines of 1.3 with a power of 64-68 hp and of 1.6 with the power of 81 hp. In 1984 the outdated 1,6-liter motor replaced with more modern unit of the same volume developing 85 hp. Transmissions of 4 steps and 5 steps of stick shift, and also 4 steps of automatic shift. In the 1990-th years on sale there were versions with a volume of 2 l with the diesel engine.

austin maestro austin maestro austin maestro austin maestro
austin maestro austin maestro austin maestro austin maestro
austin maestro

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Austin maestro

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