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Alfa romeo sprint

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The Alfa Romeo Sprint is a speed car. The automobile was even called as Alfasud Sprint at first. It was designed between 1976 and 1989. A 1,700 cc flat-4 engine, 1,500 cc, 350 cc - such modifications are avaliable to the potential customers. The car is manufactured with such modifications as . Alfa Romeo Sprint Allmost all of the models has the sysytem of double carburetors. 1.7 engine models were equipped with the similar to 33 fuel injection system of Alfa Romeo. In 1983 the model was innovated with a facelift. Then new headlamps, chrome to plastic bumpers and some other innovations were made inside. The Sprint was also improved with a platform upgrade. Alfa Romeo Sprint The Sprint has disc brakes. The car of this model line has got a rather low profile and has a lenth of 4.02 metres. Some Sprints has got a plastic side bumpers and original spoiler called Quadrifoglio Verde. In the 70s the Alfa Sprint became a very popular rally car . Among some other features is the ignition key.

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Alfa romeo sprint

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