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Yamaha jog relates to the amazing brand Yamaha.
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The Yamaha Jog is the scooter for the active driving offered by Yamaha Company. This creation of Japanese manufacture is distinguished with is sportive tendency and the heightened attention to the design. Its reliability and durability are the main reasons for their popularity among the fans of the aggressive ride. It is good at urban conditions. For the first time the Yamaha Jog was represented in 1983. At that time it was modern, fast practical scooters with the popular design and enough low priced. To be ahead of the rest, this model was equipped with the up-to-date push-pull engine with the disc valve to provide the maximum speed. Yamaha Jog In 2000 was created the Yamaha Jog C. Due to stylish design, you will look great riding this motorcycle, both wearing the blazer and the business suit. These ones are perfect for everyday commuting. They have wonderful dynamics of the acceleration, high top speed, which will make you confident on the road at any speed mode. The throttle grip is very sensitive, so the scooter can easily set up on the rear wheel. This model was also equipped with the comfortable, both long and wide, seating place, so it can comfortable accommodate the passenger, too. The enough spacious truck is installed under the seat. The Yamaha Jog line was produced for more than 25 years. The characteristic feature of these motorcycles is a powerful engine (6.3 hp and more) on every modification, the V-belt variable-speed drive unit and the automatic centrifugal clutch. They were adjusted so, that the motorbike smoothly take off and then accelerated very fast increasing the speed. The dynamics was easily controlled by the throttle grip without any flops and grabs. Yamaha Jog The engine of the common Yamaha Jog (Jog Poche, Jog Artistic, New Jog etc) is timeproof, with the moderate compression ratio (7.2-7.3). The standard Yamaha Jog Artistic Spec, by the correct adjustment of the carburettor and the normal operating conditions, will accelerate to 70-75 km / h without forcing. Most of the body parts are plastic and anti-corrodable.

yamaha jog yamaha jog yamaha jog yamaha jog
yamaha jog yamaha jog yamaha jog yamaha jog

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Yamaha jog

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