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Opel agila 1.2

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Opel agila 1.2 relates to the amazing brand Opel.
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The debut of minivan Opel Agila took place in spring of 2000 on the Genevan motor show. Joint work of specialists of Suzuki and Opel was preceded history of his origin. Technical descriptions Opel Agila The second generation of Agila is equipped two by petrol and by one diesel engine. Base motor by volume of a 1.0 L. – three-cylinder, equipped by technology of ecoFLEX. He gives out 64 horsepower’s, while a 4-cylinder aggregate by volume of a 1.2 L. develops power in 85 «runners». An only diesel engine by volume of a 1.3 L. gives out 74 horsepower’s. All aggregates work in a pair with a 4-step «automat» or 5-step «mechanics». By a basic target audience, buying Opel Agila in Russia, there are women. Along with Agila B there are cars of first generation in our country, but also those et al meet on the Russian roads rarely enough, because a model is not supplied to Russia officially. Interior The salon of Opel Agila «В» is modest and practical. To economize a place that and so not too much, a producer decided to give up a central tunnel, placing the lever of gear-box on a central cantilever. A central cantilever is executed without superfluous pretentious novelties: the unite-catching audio system neighbors with the organs of management the climatic system. Opel Agila A device panel is miniature, a large speedometer the design of that reminds such at Mini Cooper is there placed only. Tachometer as separate fastened on the peak of device panel of sensor, accessible only in Lux acquisition with Automatic CAT. To give the naive interior of Agila though some sparkle, a producer offers the two-tone finishing of salon – torpedo, maps of doors and upholstering of arm-chairs. The seat of back sofa too is not wide, and a back costs too a peak. Luggage rack at the car of very modest sizes, but due to the accordion back of back sofa useful loading volume can be increased on 300 L. Exterior Opel Agila «В» added in sizes as compared to a previous generation, here the wheel-base of model remained unchanging are 2360 mm. Length of basket increased on a 205 mm (to 3740 mm), the car «was» heard breadthways on a 60 mm (to 1680 mm), while a height diminished on a 70 mm (to 1590 mm). Appearance of model, that had got a prorate nose, and «chopped» off stern, changed substantially. Facial part of model is crowned brand name U by the vivid grate of radiator with the large chrome-plated stripe from above, by the drop-shaped headlights of head light of the extended form(the ends of headlights arrive at the how hardly not middle of hood). The model stern is truncated inward, on her like a boomerang repose the back lanterns located in a vertical plane.

opel agila 1.2 opel agila 1.2 opel agila 1.2 opel agila 1.2
opel agila 1.2 opel agila 1.2 opel agila 1.2 opel agila 1.2
opel agila 1.2

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