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Tvs scooty relates to the amazing brand Tvs.
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The TVS Scooty is an Indian two-wheeler scooter produced by TVS Motors in India. It made especially for women who travel a short distances, thou at first it was created for both sexes. It is the high selling scooter brand in its class. In 1996 it was made a decision that Scooty would be oriented on women thou the most part of Indian riders were male. There were several models TVS Scooty, such as the Scooty ES (1996), the Scooty Pep (2003), the Scooty Pep+ (2005), Scooty Teenz (2007) and Scooty Streak (2009). TVS Scooty The TVS Scooty stared in a number of Bollywood movies and also participated Indian TV Serials. The last generation of the TVS Scooty is equipped with rear lamps, lockable glove box, external fuel filling, auto choke, bag hooks, compartmentalized utility box, auto fuel tap and an easy-to-go center stand. It has also wide anti-skid tires. Some models are available in about 100 colors of the painting. The seating place is comfortable, too. Depending on the model and modification the scooter can provide the average indicator of maximum power at 3.5-8 brake horsepower at 5 500-7 500 r / min. It is equipped with continuously variable transmission, a fuel tank has the low capacity. It is also equipped with good safety and security systems. The combination of wide wheelbase with drum brakes and aluminum shock absorbers, this bike is steady on pothole-ridden Indian roads. You will not require the extra effort to park this scooter on crowded parking lots. TVS Scooty The creators of this scooter concern for the environment protection that is why since 2008 it has been manufactured the Scooty Teenz Electric model working on 800 Watt motor on a lead–acid battery. This scooter can transport 130 kg of weight. It can drive a 40 km distance on a single charge of the battery. While projecting this model, it was collected the information about the special needs of the young Indian women. Due to this, the Scooty Teenz Electric has got large comfort ability and roomy spaces, a mobile phone charger and the indicator of the low battery charge.

tvs scooty tvs scooty tvs scooty tvs scooty
tvs scooty tvs scooty tvs scooty tvs scooty
tvs scooty

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