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Opel corsa

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Opel corsa relates to the amazing brand Opel.
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It is hard to imagine, but in the year 2010 I became the happiest person - I owned a car! Opel Corsa! In addition to this, my first experience of driving a car was when I was 13, I had driving license since 1993, but my driving experience was...not very good. It was a present from my husband. By the way, I was offered many different makes of the cars, but without a doubt I wanted only Opel. Till this time, some members of my family had Opel Omega, children had Opel Astra, Toyota Ipsum and my husband had Nissan Pathfinder. As soon as we came into the saloon, I saw that car, it was like a frog, a green miracle of German automobile industry.

Opel Corsa

About half an hour I was walking in the saloon, looking at different makes of cars, colours and so on, but I exactly knew what automobile would be my first car! I left the saloon with a pleasurable smile on my face, I remembered nothing from the story of talkative and kind-hearted manager, I did not understand how to drive this treasure, and, to cut a long story short, I bought as much as possible caution sights of the novice driver, and in a month I knew everything about my toy. At least I understood that it was the best boy in the whole world.

Having a short base, it has 16 wheels and in the highway I could drive as big and modern new cars. Sometimes owners of these cars are very angry about it. At first 1,5-2 kilometres my baby was suffering from dipping at changing rates. I was afraid of these changing rates. But then I, perhaps, used to it, or I was not afraid of it no more, and now the only thing which differs my car from the other modern cars is being no able of making jerking near the driving cars (it's a pity, but what can I do with 1,2 engine capacity?). But my car has a brave and honest heart and we love each other. And my little frog Corsa is the best in hiding in small places. It can find a place in a tiny holes, and because of it, all people are amazed. But my little car doesn't like road kerbs.

According to my job, I need a crossover now. I must sold my baby and I feel like a betrayer. My heart stop beating when I am thinking of out separating. All my family, all friends tell me that I should leave my car with a smile, with love and without tears, I understand but..but...

If a had another type of job, I would never give my lovely car in somebody's hands.

opel corsa opel corsa opel corsa opel corsa
opel corsa opel corsa opel corsa opel corsa

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edmond bomi
About photo #1
spectacular car i love it
2013-02-19 02:38:10
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Opel corsa

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