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Piaggio liberty s relates to the amazing brand Piaggio.
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The Piaggio Liberty scooters in different modifications are in great demand in Italy and European countries with the developed motor and scooter riding. The Piaggio Liberty is a 2-wheeled scooter from Piaggio, the Italian manufacturer. The first Piaggio Liberty was created in 1997, then it was reworked in 2004 and then in 2009. Piaggio Liberty Both 125cc and 200cc versions of engines are available. These power-units are air-cooled, single cylinder, 4 stroke, called Piaggio LEADER engines, the same ones are used on Piaggio Vespa. With the engine’s capacity of 4.4 horsepower, the maximum speed can not step over 55-60 km / h. That is the reason of its frequently reworking. The scooter is not very speedy and powerful thou a lot of its users are satisfied with its dynamics. The drawback of this one is the only (left side) rear-view mirror. So you need always to twist the head round to go to the right row. This situating is uncomfortable for the rider. The single piston caliper and the not big front brake disc can not provide the abrupt slowdown. In Italy there are also available 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine versions with the volume of 50cc and the 4 stroke 150cc version. Its classical design is in fashion now. The models of Liberty series were renewed regularly. This model line also includes many retro versions. The Piaggio Liberty S is model of 2008 year. The index S means the sportive orientation of this scooter. Piaggio Liberty The design is great but sometimes it is not very convenient. The high-level quality seat is comfortable; on it there is a separating "step" between the driver and the passenger. The front end of the seat is made of the non-slip material and it is a little up elevated. Behind the seat there is a comfortable handle for the passenger. Somewhat boring from the first sight, dashboard is informative. It contains the all necessary points plus the clock. On the country road the scooter is not steady, due to the a little stiff suspension. By maneuverability, this one is neither better, nor worse than others of its class.

piaggio liberty s piaggio liberty s piaggio liberty s piaggio liberty s
piaggio liberty s piaggio liberty s piaggio liberty s piaggio liberty s
piaggio liberty s

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