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Peugeot speedfight

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Peugeot speedfight relates to the amazing brand Peugeot.
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Company Peugeot Motocycles is a subsidiary of PSA group and the world's oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles. Its first motorcycle it released in 1899. Cousins Jean-Pierre and Jean-Frederic Peugeot, as stated in the historical evidence, come from a family of millers who lived near Montbeliard in the French department of Oak. In 1810 these young people have come to turn the mill into a factory for the processing of metal and started supplying of springs to local watchmakers. They produced springs, tools, machines for the manufacture of corsets, coffee grinders, sewing machines and, of course, internal combustion engine. That led to creation a huge plant that produced motorcycles. Peugeot Speedfight 12 years after the release of the first model of Speedfight and 8 years after the announcement of Speedfight2, Peugeot Concern is in hurry to introduce a new generation of its fighter the Speedfight3. It must be mentioned that the Speedfight model row is known enough in Europe and even in the Former Soviet Union republics. That desition was made according to the total number of scooters sold by the company. This is more than 500 thousand copies. In addition, Peugeot Speedfight scooters are known as high-quality and modern vehicles with a unique sporty design. Speedfight3 is a worthy continuation of its model line, combining proven technical standards with modern technology and adapting to new market requirements. Scooter is longer by 12 cm, the wheelbase has grown by 3 cm, which means increased comfort trip. Scooter also became little wider, but the seat height has decreased by 10 cm and is now 800 mm. Peugeot Speedfight Safety is a key priority for the company Peugeot, so at the scooter are installed 215 mm disc brake at the front wheel. So it has increased by 20%. In combination with two-piston caliper, break system of Speedfight3 is definitely responsible. Scooter is equipped with two-stroke engine of 50 cc. Buyers are offered two items: a more economical Speedfight3 50 AC with air cooling or more effective Speedgight3 50 LC with liquid cooling. The second version comes with installed rear disc brakes instead of drum type. A little later in the line will be added Speedfight3 model scooter with a four-cylinder engine capacity of all these 50 cc.

peugeot speedfight peugeot speedfight peugeot speedfight peugeot speedfight
peugeot speedfight peugeot speedfight peugeot speedfight peugeot speedfight
peugeot speedfight

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Peugeot speedfight

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