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Alfa romeo giulietta

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Alfa romeo giulietta found on brand Alfa Romeo - Giulietta
Alfa romeo giulietta relates to the amazing brand Alfa romeo.
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“I was made ​​of the same material from which dreams are woven. If I had no heart, I would have been a simple machine. I am Juliet!” - this kind of advertising filled the Italian ether during the past year, when the market get new family class car. So, Alfa Romeo Giulietta - sports car that deliver maximum maneuverability even in the most difficult roads, and at the same time - ease of operation and comfort in everyday use. Alfa Romeo Giulietta The five-door hatchback is equipped with a four-cylinder turbo-diesel firepower of 170 horsepower, the new engine MultiDzhet 2nd generation, six-speed manual gearbox, fuel consumption of 7 liters on the highway and 5 in the city. Immediately drew the attention of low landing in the car - contrary to popular trends today to a high vertical landing. Speed ​​humps passes almost without delay, blows into the harness perceived by the ear rather than being felt through the seat. Baggy rear doors provide a comfortable fit back where more space than in a typical car of the same class. Alfa Romeo Giulietta The trunk is also quite suitable for the family - the Italians manage to combine the pleasures of design and handling with practicality. On the eve of the centenary of this brand the name was a tribute to the history of the brand Alfa Romeo and the auto industry in general.

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alfa romeo giulietta alfa romeo giulietta alfa romeo giulietta alfa romeo giulietta
alfa romeo giulietta

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Jon Low Gorgeous car, but utterly ruined by the awful asymmetric front number plate.
2013-02-07 01:37:05
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Alfa romeo giulietta

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