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Citroen gs

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Citroen gs relates to the amazing brand Citroen.
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In the late sixties the 20th centuries, the Citroen company I looked for the car which would fill a position between small Ami and big DS. After unsuccessful two projects, the new - GS on which execution not enough time as his competitors already hurried to take this position in automotive industry the cars was given was begun. All diligence of the company ended with release in production of the Citroën GS car in August, 1970. As it appeared, this year became very successful for the company as GS won a title "the car of year, and one more model, SM, became the third. And on Car Saloon of Geneva GS it was awarded by the title "Car Style Award". Citroen GS GS with the 1 l engines, the power of 56 h.p., 1,1 l, 57 h.p., 1,2 l was let out. 63 h.p. and 1,3 l. 64 h.p. These engines had a quite good torque which allowed the car to gather quickly speed to 164 km/h with the biggest engine capacity. GS had a good transmission - the transfer number was picked up so that the car could go with a speed of 50 km/h on the 5th transfer that allowed to save gasoline. Citroen GS The aerodynamic coefficient of GS was was the best among cars of the time. Besides, use of a hydro-pneumatic suspension bracket was its first application among cars of this class. In total Citroen company released 1897000 Citroen GS cars from 1970 to 1980, then its production stopped.

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citroen gs citroen gs citroen gs citroen gs
citroen gs

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Fabio We had one of those, excellent car, very comfortable and advanced for that time.
2013-09-03 03:57:35
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Citroen gs

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