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Nissan cherry found on brand Nissan - Cherry
Nissan cherry relates to the amazing brand Nissan.
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The Japanese motor-car firms obtained successes in the world, and foremost in Europe, due to the fuel-efficient models. Company «Nissan», beginning a motor-car production in 1930th from producing on the license of English Austin 7(as well as firm BMW), too not exception of Nissan Cherry Nissan Cherry («Cherry» and «Sunny») are the most popular models of firm. Both models have the same aggregates and differentiate the form of baskets. In respect of baskets, then Cherry has 2 - or 4-door basket of type of «hatchback» or basket of type of «combi», called «Traveller». Baskets of Nissan Cherry type of «hatchback», especially 2-door; it is possible without an overstatement to name aesthetically unbeautiful. The basket of type of «combi» has acceptable forms - exactly with such basket and it is needed to buy Nissan Cherry. By the way, he is most spacious.

Nissan Cherry In respect of technique, then she is standard in a modern fuel-efficient class - a motor is located broad wise, drive on fore wheels, lath steering management, front pendant of type of «McPherson» (about the pendant of type of «McPherson» in description of Audi 100), thus the pendant of Cherry is characterized as little comfortable, hard.

The aggregates of Nissan Cherry, uniting a motor, gear-box (4 or 5 transmissions), differential and main transmission, are characterized as reliable and maintaining a more than 100 thousand km without repair. Repair is required if not get in an accident. But it is completely eliminated by the developer. Moreover, that the model is a popular and highly acclaimed for more than a year at the motorists. Nissan Cherry has a bit weak points are foremost weak brakes the cylinders of that corrode and Porsche stop to move and a partition helps for a short time. Only rescue - to give up «Neva» and pass to «Castrol of Girling».

Other weak point is a rope of handbrake; he either became rusty and stuck in a shell or stretched. Result the same – «bench hammer does not hold». In addition, brake tubes have a tendency to corrosion.

Nissan Cherry But the baskets of Nissan Cherry are well protected from corrosion and maintain 5-6 to beginning of intensive process of rust, what can not be said about a muffler - he burns completely before.

In my view, the shortcomings can not be the case here. And it's great! It's not every manufacturer can boast such. So, this is another significant bonus that the right to evaluate each motorist.

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nissan cherry

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Nissan cherry

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