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Peugeot 107

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Peugeot 107 found on brand Peugeot - 107
Peugeot 107 relates to the amazing brand Peugeot.
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In March I bought the Peugeot 107 car. I am happy with this purchase. I was mistaken when thought that the automatic transmission doesn't work. I was is glad when learned that the automatic transmission works well. I think. When I use an automatic transmission, I look only at it. To switch speeds takes a lot of time.

In Seattle I had a car which seldom met in this city. The car of this model met seldom. My car compelled people to be surprised. This car was pleasant to my acquaintances. This car strongly was pleasant to women of different age. Men believed that for such sum of money it is possible to buy the big car. Men strongly like big cars. At a wheel of the big car the man feels surer. The car with a big luggage compartment is necessary for men. Men always love big things.

My small car isn't worse than the big car. In my small car it is possible to transport many things. My small car can overtake the big car. I use this small car for trips for work, in shop to do shopping, rest to rural areas.

Peugeot 107

I bought Peugeot 107 in salon from the dealer. About the beginning I liked their service. When I paid costs a half for the car, problems began. I wasn't given long my car. Brought the car later. I bought the car in one salon, to me brought the car from other salon. The document prepared long. Long I couldn't register a machine number. The seller didn't want to repair my new car. The personnel of a motor show talked to me awfully. Offended me.

I was overflowed with negative emotions.

I very much like my car. Now I save some money and I will buy Nissan Qashqai soon. This car too is pleasant to me.. In a wheel of such car I will safely overtake cars of the various sizes.


  • This car is pleasant to me in everything
  • small size
  • good speed
  • the convenient
  • place for baggage the very big
  • office for baggage of the average sizes. I can place all necessary things.
  • this car can visit each city on the globe
  • Shortcomings:

  • The bad relation in shop
  • The car publishes a lot of noise.

  • peugeot 107 peugeot 107 peugeot 107 peugeot 107
    peugeot 107 peugeot 107 peugeot 107 peugeot 107

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    Peugeot 107

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