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Fiat 124

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Fiat 124 relates to the amazing brand Fiat.
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Fiat began to produce 124 models in Italy in 1964. This vehicle obtains classic arrangement: the engine is situated at the front side and rear wheels are leading. Fiat 124 is equipped with 1.2-liter gasoline engine with the lower disposition of button shaft. Cylinder diameter is 73 mm, piston travel is 71,5 mm and rear suspension has three levers. On the rear wheels are installed dick type brakes and laden mass counts 855 kg. In 1965, the Fiat 124 won the title "The Car of the Year." In 1966 it was shown at the Paris Motor Show and this year it was selected as the prototype of the new Soviet car. The choice fell on the brand and model for several reasons, one of which is associated with the policy. Fiat 124 During that period Soviet Union was trying to help the Italian Communist Party. Other reasons are that Fiat 124 was voted "Car of the Year" and was very popular in Europe, as well as the fact that had a classic layout, which was the usual to Soviet motorists. In addition it was relatively roomy inside, affordable and technologically advanced in the industry. The car was produced in coupe, convertible, sedan and station wagon. Length Fiat 124 in the sedan body was equal 4065 millimeters, width - 1614 millimeters, height - 1421 millimeter. Wheelbase is 2421 mm. Curb weight equal to 959 kilograms. More modest size had another Italian Fiat 127 car in coupe and hatchback body. Fiat 124 Technical specifications of Fiat 124 were classic to the sixties. The most powerful version of the vehicle was equipped with a 1.8 liter gasoline engine with 130 horsepower and a five-speed manual transmission. Front and rear suspensions were independent and spring type. The maximum speed of the vehicle was equal to 190 kilometers per hour. Under the hood of most modest modification of Fiat 124 is a 1.2-liter with 60 horsepower engine, which works together with a 4-speed manual transmission. Production of the car was discontinued in 1979. During its lifetime Fiat 124 along with its prototypes had became a real legend of the world car owner.

fiat 124 fiat 124 fiat 124 fiat 124
fiat 124 fiat 124 fiat 124 fiat 124
fiat 124

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Grover Love these 124 sedans. Same chassis as the 124 spyders which make these truly sports sedans.
2013-05-26 23:11:27
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Fiat 124

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