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Fiat 128

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Fiat 128 relates to the amazing brand Fiat.
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Fiat 128 - small car, the right to travel with the family. Was produced from 1969 to 1985.For the first time in the car company Fiat was used front-wheel drive.Engine was located across. As a result, in 1970 the FIAT 128 has been named the best European car. Experts from the magazine Road & Track called FIAT 128 "car designed for the road", with excellent brakes and excellent handling. The 128 model used a new Fiat engine SOHC, which was quite advanced for its time: the cylinder head from aluminum alloys with a direct drive camshaft, driven by a toothed rubber belt. Fiat 128 Such drive became very common in small cars later, in the early 80's, but for the end of the 60th it was not very common.Initially, the 128 model was introduced two-door sedan, four-door sedan and station wagon.The machine comes with an engine capacity of 1116 cm ³, later, in 1971, two-door model 128 Rally edition came with 1290 cm ³ engine. Also in 1971 at the Turin Motor Show was presented sports coupe based on the 128 model. In 1972 he was made a little upgrading of the series, updated machines can be distinguished by a new grille. In 1974, began production of the 128 Special. Production of 128 cars, with the exception of options with 1100 cm ³ engine stopped in 1979 after the Fiat Ritmo in 1978. Fiat 128 Final series production was halted in 1985. Technical specifications Fiat 128 : Model Year: 1987, Body Style: Sedan, Length: 3840 mm, Width: 1590 mm, Height: 1419 mm, Number of seats: 5, Number of doors : 4, Luggage capacity: 370 l.Fiat 128 is built for the true connoisseurs of the automobile industry. In the ranking of the journal of all compact cars FIAT lost only VW Golf and Honda Civic. Fiat 128 was in production until 1985. If you want to buy it, then you should buy a car with his hands unnecessarily no longer in production. Now Fiat is quite cheap compared to its previous price, you will not need much work to buy this car. standard speed of this car 150 km / h. the car is not very fast, but it is something that you need to travel around the city with his family.

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fiat 128

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