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Lancia stratos relates to the amazing brand Lancia.
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As in 70th a company Lancia aimed to prevail on world championship on a rally, director on sport Cesare Fiorio convinced all to go back to development of the special sporting model. And so was born a new Lancia Stratos with the engine within the wheelbase. Before appearance in the middle of 80th different full drive cars of group Lancia Stratos was most attractive. She obviously prevailed in competitions. To pass homologation, Lancia had to present Stratos as a travelling car, although properly for this aim he was so not finished off. Lancia Stratos As a power aggregate, after the test of a few variants, made decision to use the engine of V6 from Ferrari Dino 246 GT by the swept volume a 2418 cm? set transversal. This power aggregate was tested by time, because conducted the genealogy yet from 1957. On an engine the vertical carburetors of Weber were set. By basis of basket was central hard section-monocoque, to that a spatial stretcher was behind fastened for setting of engine and pendant. A front pendant and lath steering gear was fastened directly on a monocoque. In a front pendant used transversal levers of unequal length, telescopic shock absorbers basic with a spring, and managed stabilization transversal stability. Firstly it was behind planned to set an analogical construction, but crowd conditions in an under cowl forced to apply the pendant of type of MacPherson. Basket details were made from fiberglass; at the front and behind there was the so-called integral plumage: quick removable front and back to the panel could a wholly lean back - as on many racing cars for the facilitation of access to the knots and aggregates. Lancia Stratos A car was a small compartment the salon of that contained two persons only, had a very limit space foot. Keeping anything was possible only in the pockets of doors. Nevertheless, he differed in magnificent descriptions, sporting sound of engine-on and suggesting respect character. From 1972 to 1974 it was done only 492 sports car Lancia Stratos. Nice job on the design, it should be noted. The first participating in competitions happened on November, 4, 1972 in the race of «Tour de Corse» on Corsica. During 1972 and 1973 seasons of Lancia Stratos HF participated in world Cup on a rally within the framework Group 5 (prototypes), and on October 1, 1974 in group 4 (serial prepared cars). First victory on Lancia Stratos was gained on the rally of Firestone in April, 1973.

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lancia stratos lancia stratos lancia stratos lancia stratos
lancia stratos

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Lancia stratos

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