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Opel olympia relates to the amazing brand Opel.
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Opel Olympia Record Olympia came on changing of model in spring of 1953. More long, wide and some pinned against earth new Olympia, the name of model of that explained, from one side, her structural cognation with previous Olympia, on the other hand, signified passing to the new model row. Double Door baskets were produced: sedan, cabriolet and all-round craftsman. The same motor was set from the beginning of producing, that stood and on a model Olympia – 1488 cc., 40 at 3800 oh.

Opel Olympia All engines were equipped by the carburetors’ of SOLEX with a falling stream, hand four-speed gear-box, which allowed to be dispersed them to 120 km/h. Parameters of machine: engine a row, four- cylinder, liquid cooling, and hydraulic brakes. Libra - depending on a model are from 890 to 1000 kg sizes of 4240 х 1625 х 1550 mm. Machine settings are correct, which is also important. Price also is not too high for car parts.

From a model Olympia Record Opel opened model row of wagon in the history. First-ever from them was able to transport a load to 500 kg and appeared a very successful model. Later produced models, not having windows behind - but in them it were comfortably possible to load containers and boxes to ceiling. A machine was named at first Opel Olympia Records Car - A - Van, which underlined freight character. Actually since in the name of all wagon from Opel label Caravan is present. A model was equipped by the same motor 1488 cc, 40 hp and developed to 118 km/h.

She weighed true hardly more - exactly one ton (1000 kg). All was produced 15.804 Caravan and 6258 cleanly freight models. In 1954 a model was some modified. Slightly retouched appearance in the latest fashion and undercharged. A coach began to cost instead of 6410 DM - 5850 DM. The renewed was produced Olympia Record from October 1954 for July 1955. Difference in 300 brands between sedan and cabriolet saved. A motor remained the same.

Opel Olympia From August 1955 for July of 1956 on Olympia Record it was begun to set the modified motor – 1488 cubic meters, 45 hp at 3900 turnover. With this motor a car sped up to 122 km/h. 113.416 cars of this model were for this year produced including Cabrio and caravans. From this model Opel put beginning to the line of cars in a middle class, which proceeds till today. Years of producing: «From August 1956 for July of 1957, 128.827 cars of this model were for this year produced including Convertible and caravans. A model coasted 6260 DM».

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opel olympia opel olympia opel olympia opel olympia
opel olympia

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