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Peugeot 204

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Peugeot 204 relates to the amazing brand Peugeot.
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This model for Peugeot in a great deal became upstream. Foremost, Peugeot 204 became first in the program of firm a front-wheel drive car. The lever of CAT «migrated» on a steering column. A car was offered with the baskets of type sedan, compartment, cabriolet, wagon and commercial van. It is necessary to mark that a model used unheard of popularity. From 1965 for 1971 it was succeeded to realize the about 1,6 million cars of this model with different baskets. An easy motor from the special aluminum alloy had overhead camshaft.

Multifunction compact auto Peugeot 204 («Peugeot 204») was produced in 1965. A model got an incredibly wide use, producing in such types of basket, as a cabriolet, compartment, all-round craftsman, van and even pickup.

Universality of Peugeot 204, together with a high economy and excellent divisibility, allowed to the model during three years in succession(from 1969 for 1971) to become the best on the sales of car of France.

Peugeot 204 This was the first model of Peugeot with a front drive and lever of switching of transmissions on a steering column. A model was equipped by a 1,1-with a capacity of one the liter engine(from 53-th there is to 59 l. p.) gas-powered, or 1,3-with a capacity of one the liter diesel motor that was later substituted by 1,4-with a capacity of one the liter. An auto had mechanical 4-Ñ… speed gearbox.

A pendant of all wheels was independent. Front brakes - disk. A car got also the littlest (for that time) in the world diesel by volume of an only 1,2 L.. This aluminum motor in a block with CAT was situated ahead of transversal. For that time such arrangement was very unusual, however success of car confirmed the rightness of similar engineering decision. In addition, Peugeot 204 became the most rapid car of the class, which also testifies to advantages of such arrangement.

A car turned out beautiful enough, he disposed a simple, but very comfortable and practical salon. Displacement is consistent with the real data. But while the fuel consumption is quite economical. And, of course, this is a huge plus, because very few people like to refuel every 2-3 days.

Opel Olympia Spacious interior - definitely a plus. On top of that, the maximum number of passengers, buyout can fit in a car, is 5 persons, including the driver. Modern spacious interior that will bring extra fun, especially in the season of travel and leisure. And it's just wonderful - and rightly so, you know!

peugeot 204 peugeot 204 peugeot 204 peugeot 204
peugeot 204 peugeot 204 peugeot 204 peugeot 204
peugeot 204

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Paul MakAU My late dad Makau Walter bought it in 1977 and I still use it to date. It is versatile and gas economical with less repairs and a good front wheel machine.
2013-02-28 12:20:49
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Peugeot 204

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