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Volkswagen karmann-ghia

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Volkswagen karmann-ghia relates to the amazing brand Volkswagen.
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History of appearance of this car began a long ago. Addicting to the auto sound from the end of 90th I was the permanent reader of different magazines of this subjects. After I bought the car magazine called "Auto sound" in 2004, and looked at the picture and realized that it was – the car of my dreams. At a car air-cooled there always are problems with heating of basket. At «Zaporozhets», for example, an independent combustion heater served for these aims. At «Volkswagen» this question is decided originally enough. For heating of salon the heat of outtake that is laid properly is used. Clear that her impermeability has the special value here. Volkswagen karmann-ghia Exploitation of «Volkswagen» educed some features. So as bearing of back wheels the ordinary was used is №306. At poster lateral motor «Volkswagen» back brake drums were whole, poured off in suit with hub. Connection with a semi axis came true by means of shallow spline. At the ill-timed undercutting of nut it was shaken up and cut away spline. Technical descriptions: Type of basket: Compartment Amount of doors: 2 Location of helm: on the left Wheel-base: a 2 400 mm Seating capacity: 2+2 Location of engine: behind Cylinders/are valves: O4 Defects By the main lack of Volkswagen Karmann - Ghia, as well as all poster lateral motor cars, there was subzero course stability. The opponents of poster lateral arrangement for some reason mostly alluded exactly to «Volkswagen». On what Porsche-small, son of designer of «Beetle», said: it is not «necessary to compare the lacks of one chart to dignities other, as it is done by the opponents of «Volkswagen». Volkswagen karmann-ghia Actually, «Large-Karmann Ghia» is really unsteady, especially on high speeds. Most clear it is felt at an empty tank. Some to that end even took away from under a seat an accumulator and carried it in a luggage rack. In general, to practice upon a speed ride on him, especially in a rain, it was impossible. Besides side wind he did not very love. Presently business concern Volkswagen - one of the largest on volumes sales in the world, has the plants in 15 countries of the world, produces products under five trade marks of Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SEAT. From 1998 the business concern a brand belongs to «Rolls-Royce». Except passenger cars, a plant carries out producing of trucks, minibuses also. In the complement of business concern Volkswagen enter: Volkswagen AG, Audi AG, «With SEAT» and «Skoda of automobile», «Volkswagen Saxony of GmbH».

volkswagen karmann-ghia volkswagen karmann-ghia volkswagen karmann-ghia volkswagen karmann-ghia
volkswagen karmann-ghia volkswagen karmann-ghia volkswagen karmann-ghia volkswagen karmann-ghia
volkswagen karmann-ghia

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Manuel Davila
About photo #6
This Is A Real Work of Art. Beautiful, Classy, Sporty, and Modern, even though is from the 70's
2013-05-02 07:36:22
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Volkswagen karmann-ghia

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