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Renault dauphine

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Renault dauphine relates to the amazing brand Renault.
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«Renault Dauphine» the car of French company «Renault» which was made with 1956 for 1967 represents. There was a «luxury» version «Dauphine» — «Renault Ondine» which was made with 1960 for 1962. «Renault Dauphine» gathered in many countries of the world, such as Australia, Mexico, Belgium and Ireland, as well as under the license in Italy, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Israel, the USA and Japan. The sports version of the car which has received the name «Dauphine Gordini», wheels and more powerful power unit equipped with four step box of switching of transfers (on serial «Dauphine» it was 3 step), disk brakes on all. In 1962-1963 the racing model «R1093» was issued. In total 2 150 738 cars have been let out. renault Dauphine Dimensions of model of car «Dauphine» make: length - 3937 mm; width - 1524 mm; height - 1441 mm; wheel base - 2267 mm. The weight of the car makes 650 kg. The maximal speed of a vehicle has made up to 109 kilometers at an o'clock, and dispersal up to 100 kilometers at an o'clock borrows 32 seconds. Development of car « Renault Dauphine » has been begun in 1951, as replacement of very popular model «Renault 4CV». Before the beginning of work on the project, social interrogation by which result it has been revealed two criteria has been lead: - the basic defining instant at purchase of the car is its price; - the second expenses on its content. Besides in interrogation it has been found out, that 70 % of the French automobile owners would be happy with speed of the car up to 110 kilometers at an o'clock. As a result 7,0 liters of gasoline consuming less on 100 kilometers were accepted decisions on creation of the four-seated car, with a greater luggage carrier, at the most a lung and cheap in operation, with the maximal speed in 115 kilometers at an o'clock, and. For reduction in price of a vehicle, before designers the problem was put to keep the maximal speed of the new car with «4CV», but there is a theory what exactly for this reason in «Dauphine» has been applied configuration at which the engine was established in a back part of the car. Thus the project initially did not set as objective to replace in the market «4CV» which on that instant quite suited the French buyers and as the car for those whom did not arrange «4CV» but which did not have money on «Renault Fregate». The project has received code number «109». The model in scale 1/8 has initially been created, work above which was continued basically by designers, the full-scale plaster model on which made adjustment of elements has been then created and checked ergonomics. Except for plaster model, work were conducted as and on models from a tree. renault Dauphine The first prototype of new model has appeared in 1952 and in March, 1956 the car has descended from the conveyor. «Dauphine» the sedan has been presented in a body and on 300 mm was longer than the predecessor, as well as had the same model of the engine which established in «4CV» though its volume has been increased from 7,6 liters up to 8,4 liters. Thus has increased also capacity if in «4CV» it made 19 horsepower’s in « Renault Dauphine » already 32 horsepower’s

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renault dauphine renault dauphine renault dauphine renault dauphine
renault dauphine

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Renault dauphine

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