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Simca 1000

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Simca 1000 relates to the amazing brand Simca.
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In 1934 Henry - Theodore Pigozzi founded in France «Industrial society on a car and baskets» (Societe Industrielle de Mechanique ET Carrosserie Automobile) production, briefly SIMCA. He intended to produce the cars of FIATon a license. First model «6CV» that in November 1934 went out from the gate of plant in Nantrelle, appeared modification of «FIAT - 508 Balilla». On the base of these cars Amedee Gordini made racing and sporting machines. In 1939 «Simca» won over in Le Mans in the class. Simca 1000 The midget car Aronde with a bearing basket, presented in 1951, became the first own development of firm Simca. Great success accompanied a model at the market - already in the first year productions were sold more than 20 thousand copies, and in 1959 the volume of sales exceeded 100 thousand things. The model of «Aronde» was produced in numerous executions 1964 to. In 1957 Simca presented a car Ariane, having a basket and undercarriage from «Vedett» and 4-cylinder motor from «Aronde». After two years Simca purchased a company Talbot. Technical descriptions of Simca-1000(1963): • It is Engine: row 4-cylinder overhead-valve • The Swept volume: 944 сс • Power: 42 hp at 5200 about/mines • Gear-box: mechanical 4-step • Pendant: independent, front on a transversal spring, back lever-spring are Brakes: drum all wheels • Basket: bearing 4-local sedan • High speed: 130 km/h Simca 1000 What are the features of the car Simca 1000? Model-Simca 1000 was the best selling car of Simcoe. In carrying the body hiding four-cylinder engine is on the rear. Participated in a rally car and has won many prizes. In addition to the above, the sale of the car show that it is in demand, the popularity has not reached its climax that would make a roll thing. Compared to other cars, which means that the popularity fell to a critical level, and sales remain the bar, which allows the company to continue to move in the market. And that's great, do not say anything! Without departing from tradition, the motor rotates counterclockwise, and engineers in the development process have found it necessary, first of all, a little to upgrade it, and to provide more torque and better balance at high speed. Despite the fact that the price quite expensive, but to afford it is quite possible, a lot of auto parts quality, and it is a very good thing. There is a ventilation system, the trunk, which is closed from inside the car, and many other additions and improvements that can evaluate each car connoisseur and lover of a ride, so to speak, with the breeze.

simca 1000 simca 1000 simca 1000 simca 1000
simca 1000 simca 1000 simca 1000 simca 1000
simca 1000

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Maurice Bahij (Morocco)
About photo #2
It was one of the most successful Model of Simca, if not the most successful of all Simca Models. Its Production did last for so many years (1961-1978(Rally 3)) that I thought that this model will never die. It was used in many versions, person Car, Taxi, Police car, etc. and even thanks its advantageous weight apportionment; it was also present in Sport Car Class. It had had Solex or Weber carburettors in Rally3 (Two twin carburettors) did made it possible for it to reach 183Km/h. I still have its Engine sound in my ears. It was very practical and thrifty and cheap. I hope this trade mark will come back to the market again. According to some Rumours, I have had some hopes that PSA will do that in 2011 or 2012 to counter DACIA Logan etc., but I do not think this will happen, because DACIA has brought many Model to the Market , nevertheless I’ve still hope. Maurice
2012-11-15 02:16:23
About photo #2
I love this car. It was my first car in the 70's. I paid $500.00 for it. Very Comfortable seats and much roomier than you would expect. The clutch kept giving out and at the time it was difficult to find the actual Simca part. I think we had to use a VW clutch....wasn't a perfect replacement so I continued to have clutch issues. Really enjoyed my little baby otherwise.
2012-12-10 16:27:02
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Simca 1000

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