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Bmw 118i

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Bmw 118i found on brand BMW - 1 Series
Bmw 118i relates to the amazing brand Bmw.
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It is an open secret that a well-installed chassis and rear-wheel drive mode are the traditional features of BMW products. Four-cylinder engine under the hood of the representative of 1-series BMW 118i is a good choice of those who adore speed and drive close to the limits of the vehicle. This car is a very rare hatchback of Golf-class, which offers rear-wheel drive. It is a three-door compact automobile, which can beat its rivals with easiness. The car boasts a petrol 1.6-liter L4 engine V4, which is coupled to 6-speed automatic or manual transmission. The output of the engine is about 136 horsepower. The car makes 100 km per hour in 9.3 seconds, delivering the top speed of 208 km per hour. The engine is highly economical. The comfort of the passengers is fully guaranteed on ordinary roads, but when the road becomes twisty, the discomfort is evident. BMW 118i The exterior of BMW 118i is rather attractive, which is presupposed by the amount of attention, given to the design of the vehicle. The exterior is very sporty and masculine. The style lies in accordance with the comfortable design inside the cabin. The spacious salon is able to give place for 4 occupants. The interior is made to suit the driver, not the occupants. The steering wheel is very tight and doesn’t respond to the manipulations sensibly. The automatic gearbox has a very comfortable displacement. The central console has the elements of different digital controls. The cargo capacity of this hatchback is 360 liters. It allows putting a lot of different cargo and other stuff. BMW 118i The upholstery of the cabin has materials of high quality. This trend is obvious: BMW has always spent much effort on the style and comfort of the interior. That is why the spacious salon looks elegant and costly for the overall price, ordered for it. The car won’t be able to outperform other rivals on the highway, but on curvy roads BMW118i is a willing work horse. This effect is reached by the rear-wheel drive mode together with a very tight steering.

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bmw 118i bmw 118i bmw 118i bmw 118i
bmw 118i

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Bmw 118i

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