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Mitsubishi mirage relates to the amazing brand Mitsubishi.
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Mitsubishi Mirage is the sub-compact car, produced by a company Mitsubishi Motors from 1978 to 2002 This version of car was produced two acquisitions for left-side motion and for right-side motion of Mitsubishi Mirage. Also was for sale under the names of Lancer Fiore. At the North-American market Dodge Colt and Plymouth Champ. The generation of cars of Mitsubishi Mirage was produced, since 1995 produced for our days. Mitsubishi Mirage has three possible types of basket: compartment, hatchback and sedan. Mitsubishi Mirage Engines are in the models of Mitsubishi Mirage, the same, as well as in the previous generation of auto. The engines of SOHC, consisting of 4 cylinders, are set in this series. Their volume hesitates from 1.3 to 1.5 L., and also engines of DOHC, by volume of 1.6 L., power of that makes 175 hp. Most powerful modification - this Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg, there is a great number of sporting elements in her. There is Mirage in different modifications of models; a 4-step transmission can stand automat or mechanical 5-step gear-box. In cars Mirage there is FWD and full drive to the version of machines. Acquisition of salon can be various. Covering is simple standard or velour’s or adj., there are hatches and conditioner in a machine, setting of electro-package is also possible. Mitsubishi Mirage speeds up more than 180 km/h. Only for 12 seconds, this machine is able to gather speed from a zero to 100 km at o'clock. Thus, the expense of fuel at different models with the different type of engine hesitates from 6 to 16 L. on a 100 km A pendant had the small secrets also. High speed is arrived at position of basket a 124 mm above the surface of road, however it is needed to forget that before us the car called to conquer the lack of roads, and there is possibility to occupy position a 150 mm and even 178 mm. Mitsubishi Mirage High-efficiency arrangement of motor compartment of Mitsubishi Mirage gives an opportunity to optimize space for passengers. A salon less than, than in ordinary compact cars in spite of the fact that, space is enough for placing of five adults of people, and also for a luggage compartment at the everyday use. The worked out design of forehand of Mitsubishi Mirage allows to the driver to see both sides of hood. To determine position of transport vehicle the same is simpler. Front bars the baskets located nearer to the front seats, and more subzero stool line, provide excellent visibility ahead and on parties. The interior of car and pastors do not do exceptional. Proprietor Porsche with experience in surprise to discover in the 959th acquainted models 911 Turbo finishing.

mitsubishi mirage mitsubishi mirage mitsubishi mirage mitsubishi mirage
mitsubishi mirage mitsubishi mirage mitsubishi mirage mitsubishi mirage
mitsubishi mirage

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Mitsubishi mirage

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