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Bmw 335i

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Bmw 335i relates to the amazing brand Bmw.
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The most powerful representative of the third series of BMW is 335i which has recently appeared among the Bavarian "threes". The diesel version of the car with the three-liter engine of 286 horsepower became available to European customers in 2006, and in 2007 the company introduced a petrol version of BMW 335i what allowed it become an undisputed leader among the cars of the middle class and significantly break away from competitors. Bmw 335i What is so remarkable this new machine of the third series? BMW 335i, through the installation of a six-cylinder inline engine of a three-liter twin-turbo, which has been repeatedly named the best in the competition "Engine of the Year", the car has become almost the most powerful at the middle class among German automakers. (Of course, special sports car models in this case should not be considered.) Before the 335i has appeared, the best achievement of the third series was BMW 330i which had 272 horsepower. Installing of a new engine on models of the third series and the appearance of BMW 335i allowed to obtain 306 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. The car shows its sports character from the first minutes of start, or even from the first seconds. BMW 335i will reach one hundred within 5.6 seconds (all-wheel drive sedan 335xi - 5, 5 sec.). But remember that it is a sedan, but not a sports coupe! Lovers of adrenaline will be probably disappointed because speed of BMW 335i is electronically limited to 250 km / h. Due to perfect weight distribution (about 50 x 50), there are no problems with precise suspension settings and steering handling. All the turns, even the most drastic and difficult, the car can meet with ease and confidence. Bmw 335i BMW 335i is different from the previous versions of the third series not only with technical characteristics. The front part of the body has significantly changed. The size of branded grille was increased and decorated with "nostrils" of BMW, headlights were upgraded, and bumper got a more elegant form making the new car of the third series more masculine. Multimedia system with internet access was added to a standard set.

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bmw 335i bmw 335i bmw 335i bmw 335i
bmw 335i

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Bmw 335i

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