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Daihatsu terios i

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Daihatsu terios i found on brand Daihatsu - Terios
Daihatsu terios i relates to the amazing brand Daihatsu.
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daihatsu terios i daihatsu terios i daihatsu terios i daihatsu terios i
daihatsu terios i daihatsu terios i daihatsu terios i daihatsu terios i

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I've got one. 2002. It's a running machine. We drove in on the island of Roatan in Honduras (some terrible roads) for 21/2 years and just now had it driven from Roatan to Tamarindo, Costa Rica. The only problem we had was crossing the Nicaraguan border. The were all jerks, took the car apart looking for contraband and then just slapped it together. Got some new rattles. No serious problems with the car until the end of last week. Now we have a front end problem. May be called a "ball joint". The pin came out. probably from all the bumpy roads. Hope I'm having it replaced this morning. I'd recommend it to anyone. It's very forgiving.
2012-12-26 06:47:04
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